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Wallabies shot with blunt arrows in NSW

AAP logoAAP 10/11/2016 Rebecca Chirichiello

Two wallabies and a kangaroo have been left to suffer excruciating deaths after being shot with blunt arrows across NSW in the past fortnight.

An eastern grey kangaroo spent five days painfully hopping around bush in Sydney's west late last month after it was shot with a target practice arrow which lodged in its jaw.

A passerby alerted the RSPCA who took the critically wounded animal to the vet, where it was put down.

Such premeditated attacks on defenceless animals were difficult to fathom, RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector David O'Shannessy said.

"It is a deliberate attack - they've got a bow, got an arrow and put themselves in a spot where they can shoot animal," he told AAP.

Two protected red-neck wallabies have since been shot with target arrows near Kempsey, on the mid-north coast, in what the RSPCA believes was an unrelated incident.

The blunted tip of the arrowhead made for slow and painful deaths by infection, Mr O'Shannessy said.

One of the wallabies was euthanised on Wednesday while the other is still believed to be roaming around the area.

A passerby sighted the badly hobbled wallaby but the RSPCA could not capture it, with the public now urged to join efforts to find the animal.

Hunting with bow and arrows is legal in NSW, but only under strict conditions including using arrows specially designed to quickly kill the animals.

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