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Wife-killer jailed over scissors murder

AAP logoAAP 25/08/2016 By Sophie Tarr

Sydney man Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei has been jailed for a minimum of almost 16 years for the "brutal" murder of his estranged wife Leila Alavi.

One of Hosseiniamraei's loved ones threw up her hands and abruptly walked from the courtroom as the sentence was handed down in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Justice Robert Allan Hulme said the total sentence of 21 years would have been longer were it not for the killer's plea of guilty.

Hosseiniamraei stabbed his estranged wife 56 times in January 2015 in the car park below the western Sydney hairdressing salon where she worked, using a pair of scissors he had stolen from a nearby supermarket.

Justice Hulme described how the "defenceless" Ms Alavi lost her life because of what Hosseiniamraei perceived as her "disobedience" and failure to "obey the rule of marriage".

Hosseiniamraei had threatened his wife before, and she had taken out an apprehended domestic violence order against him only three months before her death.

The judge said the 26-year-old victim posed no threat to her husband and would have had no chance of escaping.

"Her dying moments must have been entirely terrifying," Justice Hulme said.

Although Hosseiniamraei had expressed regret, the judge said he was unable to find that he was genuinely remorseful.

Hosseiniamraei's efforts to paint his victim as in any way responsible for her death also "discloses a breathtakingly arrogant and misogynistic attitude towards the right of his wife to choose her own destiny", the judge added.

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