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Are Richard and Lucy Gomez gunning for higher position?

The Manila Times logo The Manila Times 6/26/2021 Ricky Calderon

Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres posing for the camera: Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and wife, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez © The Manila Times Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and wife, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

Former actor and now Ormoc City Mayor Richard and his wife, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez met with some members of the media via zoom conference last Monday over lunch.

Lucy is on her last term in Congress and while there are talks that she might be chosen by the administration party as possible senatorial candidate, she said nothing is definite yet.

"I have my options but nothing is cast in stone. Our main concern is keeping Ormoc and the district safe," added the better half of Mayor Goma.

She said that nothing that she and Goma are doing should be taken to mean that they are planning to run for a higher position in government although she said that it is possible that Richard may run for Congress next year. But nothing is certain as of the moment.

"What we do now is to honor the work that is with us. This is not part of a plan or a road map. We don't intend to make politics a career. This is not pre-planned. Whatever will come our way, we will just go with the flow but we don't want to be driven by a dream or a grand ambition," she added.

Lucy said she had been asked to run for higher post since 2016 but it is not her ambition to aim for a higher office. But if ever she decides to run for a higher post, she is not coming in as a greenhorn since she has enough experience as a congresswoman.

"I won't be coming as an OJT because I have 11 years of experience behind me. I studied hard. It is difficult to find yourself in an arena where you don't know anything. If ever I do run for a post, I want to make my time matter when I am there," said Lucy.

"I hope that what I will behind me is better than what I found when I first stepped in. What we do in our jobs is to honor it with a legacy."

For his part, Richard earned praise for his effort in keeping Ormoc City Covid-19 free.

"We try to keep the infection low by telling the people to wear mask and face shield always. We have policemen who patrol 24 hours to remind everyone to wear their masks and face shields," said Mayor Goma.

"But of course we know that all our efforts will please everybody. Even if we know we are doing our best, there will be always be people who will choose to see it the other way. Even if we know what we did is right, some people will still have things to say otherwise. We don't mind them but we just continue with the work that has to be done," he added.

Goma said that although he is happy to be in politics and in serving people, he hasn't forgotten his showbiz roots.

"I spent more time of my life in showbiz than in politics. I will never forget showbiz although my job as a mayor keeps me busy and prevents me from doing movies even if I want to. The last movie I did was with Sharon (Cuneta) which was shot here in Ormoc. If there will be an offer, I hope they will also be willing to shoot here in our place."

Mayor Goma believes he did the right thing in running for public office. "We just want to serve and effect change. I believe we were able to institute changes. Not everyone is given this kind of opportunity so once you get the chance, you should do your best to effect change. Take the place the wheel and change the direction to where you want it."

When asked if he is planning to have a bio flick, Richard said that hasn't crossed his mind. "When it's election year, those planning to run for a national position aim to have bio flicks. But as of now, it is too early to think of the elections. I'd rather focus on my work as mayor of Ormoc since there are lot of things that needs to be done."

When not preoccupied with work, Richard takes time to paint. He hopes to have another exhibit once he has enough finished paintings. On weekends, he does a cooking show his vlog although Lucy says Richard always cooks their meals.

a person standing in front of Lucy Torres, Richard Gomez posing for the camera: The celebrity-politician power couple with their unica hija, Juliana. © Provided by The Manila Times The celebrity-politician power couple with their unica hija, Juliana.

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