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Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte deny that ‘James and Pat and Dave’ is a flop!

LionhearTV logo LionhearTV 1/14/2021 Kay Cabral

Celebrity couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, a.k.a. LoiNie, reacted to mean comments toward them via their Youtube channel.

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The basher commented about how their latest movie was a ‘flop’. It drew the attention of the two stars as they gave their respective response.

On Thursday, January 7, LoiNie posted on their Youtube channel LoiNie TV, a video content to which they reacted to mean comments.

In one part of the video, a basher mentioned that the two stars’ latest movie, James and Pat and Dave flopped at the box-office. He questioned if the same thing will happen in their upcoming series.

“Flop na nga movie pati serye pa? Double murder ba hanap nila?” the basher wrote.

“Pano mo nasabi?” Ronnie asked.

“Nanood ka ba?” Loisa added.

The female star explained that their movie didn’t flop and the basher should distance himself from fake news.

“Hindi kaya siya flop. Alam niyo minsan talaga uso talaga ‘yung mga fake news. Iwas-iwas kayo sa mga fake news na ‘yan.

“At tsaka ‘double murder ba ang hanap nila?’ Murder agad? Grabe ha parang ang laki ng kasalanan namin,” she said.

LoiNie starred in the 2020 film James and Pat and Dave with Donny Pangilinan. Their movie premiered in February 2020, around the time when the COVID-19 virus was just lurking.

“Hindi naman flop ‘yung movie namin, actually, ang ganda. Talagang natapat lang sa pandemic,” said Loisa.

“Hindi naman flop ‘yung movie namin, actually, ang ganda. Talagang natapat lang sa pandemic,” said Loisa.

Ronnie added that when their movie was made available to stream with a paying amount, many fans availed it.

“Tapos pinalabas siya sa stream, andaming bumili.

“Hindi mo alam ‘yun kase nga focus ka sa idol mo,” he said.

“Kase nga basher ka,” Loisa fired back, too.

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In March 2020, it was reported that LoiNie will be working with each other in a TV series produced by RGE Drama Unit and RSB Scripted Format. However, the series was later canceled for an undisclosed reason.

One Netizen commented that RSB Scripted Format is known for its serious and heavy drama and noted that LoiNie would not be able to pull off such a genre.

“Kilala ang RSB sa heavy drama! Tapos Loisa at Ronnie? Good luck na lang po!” the Netizen wrote.

“Hindi na nga kame natuloy andami mo pang sinasabi,” Loisa replied.

“Kase kayo dapat hindi kayo nagju-judge based on sa nakikita niyo,” she added.

Ronnie explained that some artists didn’t start well with their acting–just like them. But he assured the people that he and Loisa are slowly improving.

“Siyempre ‘lahat ng artista nanggaling ‘yan sa hindi muna magaling, hindi ba?” Ronnie said.

“Unti-unti mo ‘yang natututunan at tsaka hindi naman kame nagmamadali [gumaling],” Loisa backed up Alonte.

When one Netizen commented on how Ronnie is just using Loisa for fame and is only forcing himself to be with her, he explained that they have already been together for a long time and have nothing else to prove.

“Apat na taon na kame, may nasasabi ka pa?” he said.

“Anong napipilitan, nasan ang napipilitan? At tsaka ‘yang mga fans, hindi mga tanga ‘yan. Hindi naman namin binayaran ‘yan para suportahan kame. Sumuportang kusa ‘yan kaya ‘wag mong tinatanga.”

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In another part of the video, LoiNie also answered a basher who claimed that their tandem was a flop.

“Base sa mga reaction sa Youtube at Facebook, FLOP ang LoiNie,” said the Netizen.

Loisa said that their first movie is not enough for people to judge their fame.

“Pano mo nasasabi? Isang movie pa lang ‘yung nagagawa namin flop na agad? Parang wala pa naman kaming masyadong nagagawa hindi ba? Tapos pandemic pa nun,” she defended.

While gesturing to Ronnie, the actress said “Kumbaga tayong dalawa, ang masasabi natin, ang ganda nung pelikula, ang ganda nung ginawa natin.”

There was also a basher who claimed that Loisa went under plastic surgery to improve herself.

“Retokadang-retokada ang [face] ni Loisa Andalio ngayon ah. No offense,” the basher wrote.

Loisa strongly denied the basher’s claim saying that she didn’t get any part of her body done.

“Wala akong ginawa, never akong nagpa-retoke. Hindi ko rin pinangarap na magpa-retoke. Ayaw ko nang baguhin ‘yung itsura ko.”

She noted that she has nothing against those people who wish to enhance themselves, saying, “Okay lang ‘yung magpa-enhance, wala akong problema sa mga nagpapa-enhance. At tsaka sa nakikita ko, wala naman kailangang ipa-enhance [sa akin].”

Meanwhile, Ronnie previously admitted that he’s worried that the COVID-19 epidemic may affect the ticket sales of his movie James and Pat and Dave with Loisa Andalio and Donny Pangilinan.

He said that he even went to malls to check if people still went to movie theaters and was disappointed to find out that there were only very few people.

“Bago mag-showing ang movie, nag-try ako pumunta ng isang mall, walang katao-tao, walang katao-tao talaga. Takot na takot silang lumabas,” he said.

However, their movie streamed on KBO in April 2020 as part of ABS-CBN’s Holy Week special.

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