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What’s the truth behind Dulce’s posts on a piece of suspicious information about the Marcos ill-gotten wealth?

LionhearTV logo LionhearTV 24/10/2021 TJ Gacura

Filipina singer Dulce shared on her facebook page on Thursday, October 21, a post claiming how the Marcos family were not “thieves” as many claimed to be.

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She reposted a post from a JC Jarapa explaining how the Marcoses “acquired” their wealth. 

The post insisted that the late President Ferdinand Marcos became an “asset manager” and “trustee” of the Royal Families in 1950 with their assets and were deposited in the Philippines.

Marcos had a Special Banking Trust Deposit with codename: TVM-LSM-666, giving him all the control over the assets through the agreement called “Bilateral Minesfield Successor Breakthrough Agreement.”

The post also contained a “debunking,” wherein the supposedly Yamashita’s Treasure or Marcos’s gold was part of a “centralized system” involving nations to create a banking cartel by instituting a “gold pool” among participating countries including the Philippines in the Marcos era.

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Known as the London Treaty or the Trillenium Tripartite Trilateral Pact (TTTP) as the post claims to be, it aims to recover monetary gold looted by Nazi Germany from banks in occupied Europe during the World War.

The claim also pointed that most of the gold was stored in the Philippines via “secret bunkers, caves, in sunken ships in seabeds, central banks’ vaults, commercial banks, bonded depository warehouses, military establishments, large water reservoirs, purposely dug mountain tunnels, and old mines.”

Marcos then “signed loan agreements with 77 nations with the final maturity in 2007,” according to Jarapa who said that the former Philippine President became a “trustee” of the Royal Families. The post also claimed that it was signed by many leaders of the countries.

“US Pres. Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower representing the Allied Nations, Phil. Pres. Elpidio Quirino, Miguel Cuaderno Sr. Governor of Central Bank of the Phil, Chairman Mao Tse Dong, Premier Chou En-Lai, Gen. Shang Kai Sek, Pres. Francisco Franco of Spain, Tan Kha Kee, Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, and the family representatives of the Villamor-Cruz-Tallano clan for and on behalf the Royal families.”

The post also pointed that Marcos became an enemy of the U.S. and its G7 allies after he “refused to surrender his signatory authority to the manipulative control of the banking cartel and afford them to steal the assets of the Banking Trusts,” leading to him becoming known as the “most corrupt President.”

The post also claims that it is for “secrecy” and the documents cannot be publicized to not violate Security Laws and Official Secret Acts.

Overall, the post leads to Marcos being the founder of the World Bank because of his vast amount of gold.

Now, this is something fishy.

To start, trustees may be allowed to use trust money to pay filing fees, registration fees, title fees when transferring assets into the trust’s name. Trustors exercise such means to appoint a trustee when worse comes to worst: incapacitated or dead.

Marcos, being a trustee of the Royal Families, will only have control over the assets IF his trustor were incapacitated or deceased.

The U.S. State Department of Archives disclosed about the TTTP noting that the recovered looted gold was distributed to the claiming countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland (including Danzig), Yugoslavia.

Regarding the so-called Bilateral Minesfield Successor Breakthrough Agreement, it came from an organization called Alpha Omega World Peace Development Marshall Programme.

However, the Alpha Omega World Peace Development Marshall Programme is a syndicate that specializes in scamming people and the agreement that was posted on their website was altered to make it appear that Marcos earned his wealth by becoming a lawyer to the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal.

Also, the agreement pertains to one Tiburcio Villamor Marcos being the successor heir of the Special Banking Trust Deposit TVM-LSM-666 who was supposedly the “youngest son” of Ferdinand Marcos was debunked by Vera Files in 2019.

Furthermore, the Alpha Omega World Peace Development Marshall Programme claimed that it funded the United Nations (UN) wherein Vera Files dismissed it by clarifying that “The UN is [actually] funded by the contributions of its Member States based on each one’s economic standing and capacity to pay.”

The Bilateral Minesfield Successor Breakthrough Agreement was also instigated by one Karen Hudes who insisted that she was from the World Bank and was terminated after she tried to expose corruption.

“It’s in a special trust account that was set up by Ferdinand Marcos. He was doing this as a young lawyer for Jose Rizal, who had been in the Vatican for many years. 

Jose Rizal was the son of Prince Tallano, who was a twin of Queen Victoria. The royals have kept the world’s gold for themselves and then it was stolen from them by the banks. 

“And what happened is Prince, uh, Jose Rizal didn’t like what he saw at the Vatican and so he came back to the Philippines with the Vatican’s gold. [The] Vatican sent the gold to the Philippines for safekeeping and what Jose Rizal did was he locked that gold up in a trust account for 50 years.

“And the thing about a trust account for 50 years is if you say you own something and you haven’t managed to get control of it, after 50 years, you’ve lost it under something called the statute of limitations. 

“So that gold went into hiding for 50 years and those 50 years ended in 2005 but we didn’t manage to get our gold out and the reason why is because the banks refused. 

“The man who’s the authorized signature authority, you’ll see a little clip of him, that’s Wolfgang Struck, he kept writing to the banks, saying I have the right to withdraw the money. I have the right to find out how much money it is now because it’s been accruing interest and the banks wouldn’t give him the time of day…” claimed Hudes in an interview with Nexus Magazine, an Australian-based bi-monthly magazine that covers alternative news.

But information leads to Hudes fabricating her “information” about Marcos lawyering for Jose Rizal was far from the truth.

Rizal died on December 30, 1896, while Ferdinand Marcos was born on September 11, 1917. Decades have passed so an unborn Marcos cannot legally represent Rizal.

Meanwhile, World Bank was founded in 1944, meaning Marcos, who was born in 1917 was only 24 years old. He became President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

Hudes was also discredited by the World Bank in 2014 through a statement saying: “Karen Hudes has not been employed by the World Bank since 2007 and is in no capacity authorized to represent any arm of the World Bank Group. Any claims otherwise by Ms. Hudes or her proxies are false and should not be viewed as credible.”

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