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We Tested 5 Frozen Cheese Pizzas, and This is the Best!

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How We Graded The Pizzas

Here are the four metrics we used to determine each pie's final grade.

Nutrition: While it's safe to say we aren't indulging in a slice in efforts to slim down, pizza can actually be healthy. Think: whole-grain crust, preservative-free tomato sauce, and quality cheese. That's why we docked points for extra sodium, fat, and lack of fiber.

Clean Ingredients: We look for quality olive oil, real tomatoes, and fresh herbs, and aim to find a pie with minimal added sugars and inflammatory oils. 

Appearance & Consistency: Does your pie look like it might as well have been popped out of a brick oven by a Neapolitan pizzaiolo or does it resemble one of those wimpy dollar slices you'd find on an NYC corner? Is the crust a delight to bite or is the consistency closer to cardboard?

Taste: The cheese to sauce ratio is arguably the most significant determining factor. No one wants a pie that's overflowing with mozzarella yet leaves tangy tomato to the imagination.

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