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This Yogi Does Poses to Represent EVERY Animal

Cosmopolitan logo Cosmopolitan 5/18/2017 Elizabeth Narins

In a typical yoga class, you might encounter downward facing dog, cat, or cow poses. But for Lindell Nuyttens, 37, yoga includes poses inspired by every corner of the zoo.

The Brussels, Belgium-based yoga teacher behind the Instagram account @Stretcylicious first discovered yoga as a kid but began practicing daily for at least 15 minutes a day seven years ago after the birth of her second child. Some of the less conventional Hatha yoga poses she practices, which are named after the animals they resemble, include:




Always a nice way to round the spine #rabbitpose #sasangasana Wearing @theelements_co

A post shared by Lindell ✨Yoga (@stretchylicious) on Apr 23, 2017 at 6:52pm PDT


Bend back knee in #lizardpose to stretch quads. Wearing @theelements_co leggings.

A post shared by Lindell ✨Yoga (@stretchylicious) on Apr 16, 2017 at 12:22pm PDT

One-Legged King Pigeon:


#fishpose with #ladylegs inspired by my beautiful soulsister @seonia 💓 wearing @theelements_co

A post shared by Lindell ✨Yoga (@stretchylicious) on Dec 26, 2016 at 5:38am PST

Twisted Deer:

My new favourite #spinaltwist during #YinYoga practice is #twisteddeer. As a twist it keeps spine and abdominal organs healthy. According to the uniqueness of each body and the execution of the pose it is possible to feel a stretch in neck, chest, armpit, side body and thigh. Holding the pose for longer time and with relaxed muscles will benefit the connective tissue along the side body and spine. Start from #deerpose (start sitting in #butterflypose and swing one leg back to bring heel to buttock) and rotate the upper body away from your back foot. Rest you torso on bolster or cushions if needed. Rest the head on cheek of choice or on forehead. Explore different positions for the arms. Once you find "comfort" in the pose and feel a gentle "stretch", remain still in the pose for up to 5 minutes, softening the body. Release the pose, rolling on your side and notice the effect of twisted deer on body and mind. Repeat on the second side. #yinspiration #detoxyoga

A post shared by Lindell ✨Yoga (@stretchylicious) on May 7, 2017 at 10:59am PDT


This Unbelievably Bendy Woman Does Yoga Poses That Represent EVERY Animal © Lindell Nuyttens / Getty Images This Unbelievably Bendy Woman Does Yoga Poses That Represent EVERY Animal


Make your own magic. #tittibhasana #fireflypose Wearing @theelements_co

A post shared by Lindell ✨Yoga (@stretchylicious) on Dec 10, 2016 at 5:56am PST





If you're only looking for Lindell's resemblance the animals listed, you're missing the point: Her flexibility is impressive AF! And It could be why her post below has received more than 6,300 likes in a number of days.

Clearly, her ~WiLD*~ practice is paying off!

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