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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - October 19

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Often, when you need to recharge your batteries, your spontaneous reaction is to meditate alone and remote from the world. You need to spend some time alone from time to time. But today, you will have to be available to the outside world. It has a big surprise for you today. You will probably meet someone, but only if you are not lost in your thoughts.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

You have been working hard over the last three weeks to find a refuge. Now that you have found people you can trust, you can feel at peace with yourself. You can confide your joys and disappointments to others. But, you should open up your heart and you will see that you have more than just one safe-haven.

Your career horoscope

Your energy may be flagging a bit today. There's nothing to worry about, though you must admit you could take better care of your health. What happened to that exercise regimen you vowed to start? It is never too late to improve your eating habits and begin working out. Even if you only get to the gym or go for a brisk walk three times per week, you will notice a dramatic difference in both your appearance as well as your outlook.

Your finance horoscope

Messages regarding money coming from a distant state or foreign country, possibly through fax, e-mail, or a website, might not be totally accurate. If any information presented to you in this fashion touches off an alarm bell in your head, be sure to do a little research on your own and check out the facts. Don't accept any news at face value today. The lines of communication, both human and technical, are definitely out of whack today.

Your wellbeing horoscope

It may be one of those days when you think you'd be better off elsewhere. Communication will be so fraught with misunderstanding that you are likely to become irritated. You need broad-mindedness, optimism, and a little more intensity in a relationship than you are now getting. But don't worry, things will be more to your taste in the days to come.

Tomorrow's horoscope

This is an intense day for you, in which the disharmony in different realms of your life is cropping up and spurring you on to action. Others may be ridiculously stubborn today, causing tension and frustration wherever you turn. The key to balancing out the equation is fun. A jovial frame of mind and playful attitude will help remedy any situation that comes your way. Have a good time today.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from October 14 to October 20

Life: You’ll be on good form but on the inside, a number of internal tensions will tug in opposition and many questions will eat away at you. Financially, your adaptable nature will help you to keep your head above the water.

Love: A certain tranquility will take over you but your relationships will be more amical than romantic. If you’re not in a couple, finding love at work isn’t impossible.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of October

Love: Your affection towards each other comes more so from a position of friendship rather than passion. Singles, finding love at work isn’t impossible. However, the Venus Retrograde from the 6th will ask that you don’t rush things.

Life: You’ll have the desire to engage with as a many people as possible in a way that makes them speak highly of you. When it comes to marketing, you will be able to increase your number of clients. Financially, you’ll slip through the cracks!

Bonus: You’ll make the most of being in enviable physical shape.

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