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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - September 22

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You could find yourself unusually sensitive to what people say about you today. You normally have a clear sense of self-confidence, and no one ever accused you of not having enough self-esteem! But today you could feel a little low if you encounter a critical person. Someone might make a thoughtless comment that rubs you the wrong way. Try to detach from the moment and look at things more objectively.Is your soulmate just around the corner? Find out here.

Your love horoscope

An intense passion has been released within you. You find it hard to resist the urge to take your loved one and run away with him to some deserted island. You could use a break from civilization. But if you can't quite make it to that island, how about creating an oasis right in your own home? Order some food from your favorite restaurant, bring it home and enjoy an intimate evening with your partner.

Your career horoscope

This is a good day to create a new role for yourself. This could be at work, where you have probably been growing tired of your image. Maybe you will want to act a little bolder and be more decisive. You might ruffle a few feathers by being more assertive, but you'll also impress people with your take-charge attitude! Or maybe at home you'll decide to be firmer with your kids.

Your finance horoscope

Computer glitches or bank errors might send erroneous information to you about your finances. Perhaps the bank says you have less money than you do, or a bill is higher than you thought it should be. If you can, pick up the phone and make sure it's all settled today. You won't want to spend the rest of your day under this cloud. You'll probably want to spend it indulging in total frivolity. Go ahead - you deserve it!

Your wellbeing horoscope

You are someone who is big on self-improvement, and, when asked, you never hesitate to share your latest theories on physical and emotional health. There's probably a pile of vitamin bottles on your desk and articles about fitness hidden in your desk drawer. Today there could be someone around you who would appreciate your input on these matters. Maybe you can point them in the direction of a good therapist, doctor, or holistic health practitioner.

Tomorrow's horoscope

There is a solid grounding to the day that might have you feeling less than energetic to get the ball rolling. Don't be surprised if there is a sense of restriction and duty that is weighing you down. In the natural cycle of things, times of rest and reflection are extremely important. Don't think that you always need to be on the go in order to make progress. Put your warring nature aside for a day and take it easy.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from September 16 to September 22

Life: The stars allow you to move forward a situation that has stagnated for a while and provoked much contemplation. The end of a headache, you act with urgency, certain that you’re on the right track!

Love: It’s a week which will seem calm and uneventful at first. However, understand that between Wednesday and Friday there’s a surprise on the way, be it friends unexpectedly visiting you or love falling into your path!

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Here are your free predictions for the month of September

Love: From September 9 – 15 things will be strained with your partner and you will have a hard time communicating how you feel to each other. Your patience is running low but try to hold your tongue or you could push people away.

Life: Your workload is building up quickly and you can’t seem to find the courage to refuse anything your boss asks you to do. On the positive side of things, your financial situation looks to be improving.

Bonus: Your friends are helping you smile.

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