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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - November 15

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"Moving ahead" is the key phrase for today. You should be feeling very optimistic and excited about certain goals that you have set for yourself. You're probably confident that you'll reach them, and that all will go well. This positive attitude spills over into your personal relationships. You should be in just the right frame of mind to encourage your friends to go for their own dreams, and to give them whatever assistance they need.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

Look up and enjoy the world around you. You are often so caught up in the details that you forget to look at the big picture. You have your head to the floor so often that you fail to see the smiling faces of the people around you. Take this day to have fun and put aside your small worries. Concentrate more on the whole room.

Your career horoscope

An educational goal you've been working toward for a while could finally be within your grasp. Perhaps you've been working toward a degree or certificate and now you're graduating, maybe you've solved a problem, or perhaps you just wanted to learn all you could about a particular subject? Whatever your goal was, you'll feel rather proud and quite a bit more confident because of your accomplishment. Congratulations!

Your finance horoscope

You could be acting as group cheerleader today, trying to get your entourage fired up about interesting projects or challenging opportunities. Your passion and drive could be contagious, and if you are persistent, you'll be able to lift everybody's morale easily. One of your greatest gifts is your ability to make other people feel that they can accomplish almost anything. Put this talent to good use.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You have almost reached an important finish line, so don't give up now. If anything, this is the time to kick into high gear and get yourself moving even faster than before. Your emotions are apt to remain out in left field as they merge with your most active fantasies. Do your best to stay on track by looking forward instead of off to the side or behind you. You can always change your course after this particular finish line has been reached.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Your intuition could be strong right now. You are prone to occasional psychic flashes, and they could be very intense today. Pay attention to any hunches that you get. You might have a first impression about someone who has just been introduced to you. You could be picking up on hidden undercurrents. You might want to write your thoughts down in a personal journal for future reference. You could find that your impressions are valid.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 11 to November 17

Life: You’ll rediscover more punch as the days pass but you’ll also be more distracted. Concentrate!

Love: You’ll feel more free and serene from Thursday in your relationships and sentimental decisions in general. Singles, you’ll have enough to start a more simple and nurturing relationship than before.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of November

Love: Even if you’re more at ease emotionally, you’ll feel more free and harmonious as a couple but also in your emotional choices from the 17th .

Life: You’ll have enough energy to respond to all work-related evening invitations. Use this advantage to takedecisions concerning your primary goals. From the 9th, an opportunity from abroad could come your away.

Bonus: Mars will push you to surpass yourself.

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