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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - January 23

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Today it might be more difficult than usual for you to deal with words. Someone might lend you a book on a rather obscure subject which you can't understand. In fact, you might find the book - or anything else you try to read - frightfully boring! Still, you won't want to hurt your friend's feelings. Put the book aside and try again when you're more relaxed. The meanings of words should come more clearly to you then.Discover what the future has in store for you.

Your love horoscope

Do you find yourself too easily influenced by your environment, agreeing to your work or leisure activities based more on the strength of the other guy's desires than your own? The planetary energy is asking you to draw clearer boundaries. Make a list of the priorities and activities that please you. Ones that you love and feel passionate about all on your own. Then commit to doing them before anything else. Even if you may have to spend some time alone as a result, you will be pleased and fulfilled.

Your career horoscope

You are especially intuitive today. Since this is a fairly new occurrence for you, you may be at a loss as to how to make the most of this gift. Only you can know for sure, but our suggestion is to reflect upon changes that you'd like to make at work, then go in and pitch them to your boss. With your keen insight of the day, you will almost be able to read her mind, thus allowing you to anticipate any objections she may have.

Your finance horoscope

You may be extremely excited about an idea today, but unfortunately no one else may think so . You may be springing up with enthusiasm but then landing smack dab into a brick wall. Hold on to your ideas, but maybe save the presentation of them for a later day. One side of you may be very communicative and witty, while the other side is emotionally confused. The two sides aren't really jiving well together, so perhaps you should just lay low.

Your wellbeing horoscope

It's best to just go with the flow. The day could fly by, and the pace could be very fast. You might be constantly kept on the run. Pace yourself as best as you can, though make sure you make some time for a healthy lunch and don't try to schedule too many things in one day. Overall, you should feel inspired by the exciting pace of the day.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today can seem a lot like a holiday. While everyone looks forward to take a day off and relax, sometimes such a day can be lonely. After all, for many people a day off reminds them of getting together with family or friends that are no longer available. If there's someone on your mind today, why not drop them a line? Heck, even an e-mail card telling them you're thinking of them will brighten both your day and theirs.

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Love: You may decide to improve your spending power. You’ll avoid dipping into credit, difficult situations and unnecessary purchases. You could also be in line for a bonus.

Life: Singles, open your eyes, there are opportunities passing you that won’t come back around. Learn how to seize the moment! As a family, you can enjoy peace and happiness. Calm doesn’t mean boring though!

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Love: Romance will be in full swing in your love life. The stars will bestow you with an emotional safety net which will prevent you from your self-depreciative tendencies.

Life: You won’t lack the self-confidence to launch your carrier in the middle of the month. Your efforts will bear fruit and your conviction will attract success. The world will be at your feet, at last!

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