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Lola Igna trailer (MTRCB Rated G)

PLOT Lola Igna is a foul-mouthed and stubborn woman who is eager to die but her neighbors are hung up on her winning the title “the oldest living grandmother in the world.” Her long lost great-great-grandson, Tim, is an aspiring vlogger who wants to latch on to her now-famous grandma but ends up giving her a new reason to live. SYNOPSIS Living in a secluded hut in the middle of rice fields, Lola Igna is a 118-year old grumpy grandmother who is vying for the Amazing People of The World’s “The Oldest Living Grandmother in the World”. Being the oldest living grandmother in the Philippines, Lola Igna’s only wish is to gently pass on to the next life. But with the announcement of being considered to be “The Oldest Living Grandmother in the World”, Lola Igna instantly becomes a celebrity; with tourists travelling hours just to meet her. Her family and the small town of Alhaya benefit from this, opening up opportunities to generate more revenue other than their usual work which is farming. In the middle of all the sudden changes in Lola Igna’s life, she meets Tim, her great-great-grandchild from Ana. She welcomes Tim with open arms, breaking the old woman’s grumpy façade. Everything seems to be going well, until one day when Lola Igna is visited by Carias, her dead husband. In this premonition, Carias is finally taking Lola Igna with him to the next life. Written and Directed by: Eduardo Roy Jr. Cast: Angie Ferro, Yves Flores, Meryll Soriano, and Maria Isabel Lopez Production Companies: Found Films and EMBA Production, released thru Solar Pictures, Inc. Genre: Family Drama MTRCB Rating: PG (Parental Guidance) Running Time: 1HR 59MINS (including hardlock of 5-minute shortfilm “Baon”)
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