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United Airlines Will Invest $200 Million In Hawaiian Operations logo 9/11/2018
a body of water with a city in the background © Provided by Pte Ltd.

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a large body of water with a city in the background © Provided by Pte Ltd.

United Airlines is saying aloha to the Hawaiian market in a big way. The carrier has plans to invest $200 million in upgrades at Hawaii's airports throughout the next 10 years. Much of the money will be used to upgrade and modernize the tools that airport employees use when interacting with customers. The end goal is to give customers better experiences.

United also has plans to use its $200 million investment to make it easier for passengers to connect to Hawaii from major hubs around the country. The carrier will do this by shifting service in a number of areas. Customers will be able to get to and from domestic hubs like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York, and Washington much easier when all is said and done. Schedule changes that are in the works will allow passengers to leave mainland cities in the evening and arrive in Hawaii in the morning. That could give tourists extra time to enjoy the exotic sights and sounds of Hawaii. United's schedule changes will launch in February. Denver will be the first city to benefit from the changes.

United Airlines has been offering service to Hawaii for close to 70 years. However, the airline has been expanding its presence in the state steadily throughout the past year. A total of 11 new routes and 360,000 seats were recently added for passengers hoping to get to and from the Aloha State. United anticipates that it will offer close to 12,000 Hawaiian flights in 2018 alone.

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