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Rolls-Royce Ghost Zenith Collector's Edition is the ultimate Ghost

Autoblog logo Autoblog 14/8/2019 Zac Palmer
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This generation of Rolls-Royce Ghost is coming to a close. We’ve seen a couple of prototypes for the new Ghost out testing in the wild, but it looks like Rolls has one more ace to play on the current car: the Zenith Collector’s Edition.

If you’re an avid Rolls-Royce enthusiast, you may remember that the British marque introduced a Zenith edition of the Phantom in 2016 when that generation of Phantom was wrapping up its 13-year tenure. We’ve had the current Ghost for about 10 years now, which means a new one is right around the corner. Before it’s finished, Rolls-Royce is screwing together 50 of these Zenith Edition cars.

Rolls says these 50 cars “will feature the highest levels of bespoke ever seen on a Ghost Collection car.” That’s saying something for a company that will pretty much do anything you ask so long as your bank account can back it up. Take a gander through the photos above to see what the 1 percenters are riding around in these days.

Changes to this Ghost versus a regular one are inspired from the 200EX Concept, which was the concept car for the Ghost back in 2009. Each Zenith Edition will house a commemorative ingot made from the 200EX’s Spirit of Ecstasy — it’s melted down, then part of it is being placed into the center console of each of the 50 Zeniths. There is a plaque that explains exactly what it is to anyone wondering. The center console features an engraving of some part of the 200EX Concept. The owner gets to choose exactly what part it is. All the door pockets are illuminated with some rather fantastic-looking lights shining through perforated leather. A special clock and door sill commemorates this Ghost as the Zenith Edition.

From the outside, you’ll notice that all Ghost Zenith cars have a two-tone paint scheme with only three options, all shown here. Rolls doesn’t say how much they cost, but it does warn that order books for the Zenith will close imminently. The cars are being manufactured in West Sussex as we speak.

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