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Malaysian wins UD Trucks award

New Straits Times logo New Straits Times 20/11/2018 GOH THEAN HOWE

A Malaysian truck driver has bagged the Most Cargo-Friendly Driver award at the UD Trucks’ Extra Mile Global Challenge 2018.

Muhammad Khairul Abdul Halim from Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd received the award as the driver who had the most amount of fluid left in the jug after completing his challenge.

The event was held on October 25 at its Ageo corporate headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

“To be able to come this far into the competition has been a dream come true. I have learned a lot from all the other contestants at this global round and I will share what I’ve learned with all my fellow truck drivers back home,” he said in a statement.

There were nine finalists from 300 initial participants who underwent the qualifying rounds held in Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, and Thailand.

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge is the company’s annual competition. It reproduces an actual truck operation cycle and assesses drivers in three key areas of pre-driving inspection, fuel efficiency and safe driving, which includes maneuvering and parking. Contestants compete in either the UD Trucks’ Quester or Quon heavy-duty trucks.

The challenge requires each contestant to first inspect a truck thoroughly in less than 10 minutes, and identify the faulty parts or conditions of the truck. The contestant then proceeds to a perfectly working truck for their driving challenge.

Contestants need to drive four laps around the test track. Of the four laps, there is a lap where contestants need to drive into the track’s test course which consists of road humps and slope drive. Here, the contestants need to stop at the slope before resuming to drive. The fuel consumption during the drive is measured using telematic software.

To test the cargo friendliness, a jug of water is placed in the semitrailer while contestants need to drive smoothly and carefully to prevent spillage. After the final lap, the contestants will have to reverse the truck into a parking lot without hitting the cones and as near as possible to the barrier.

a truck is parked on the side of a building: A Malaysian truck driver has bagged the Most Cargo-Friendly Driver award at the UD Trucks’ Extra Mile Global Challenge 2018. (NSTP Archive) © Provided by Media Prima A Malaysian truck driver has bagged the Most Cargo-Friendly Driver award at the UD Trucks’ Extra Mile Global Challenge 2018. (NSTP Archive)

According to UD Trucks Corporation, most of truck companies focus on challenges like these as drivers are key assets of companies. By having proper knowledge and correct driving skills, a driver is able to help the company save 30 to 50 per cent in operational cost and reduce downtime.

Eko Yulianto, from PT Duta Lintas Nusa in Indonesia, was the overall winner for Quester truck category while Mohd Hisham of BHS Kinetic Pte Ltd from Singapore the Quon truck category winner.

For UD Trucks, the quest to find the ultimate driver is part of its vision of smart logistics providing solutions to society’s needs.

“The competition in the distribution sector is also becoming more intense, and there is an acute labour shortage, particularly of skilled drivers. Despite the challenges, we have to be mindful of environmental issues, congestion and safety.

“That is why we say the world needs smart logistics which is efficient and profitable, safe and sustainable, as well as people-oriented logistics,” said UD Trucks Corporation senior vice-president for brand, communication and products Kishi Nobuhiko.

The UD Extra Mile Challenge demonstrates the company’s commitment to driver education and motivation, while shining the light on the unsung heroes of smart logistics — the truck drivers.

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