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Forget Contagion, fans are convinced K Drama 'My Secret, Terrius' on Netflix warned Covid 19 outbreak in 2018

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 26/3/2020 Dishya Sharma
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With numerous countries under lockdown due to the Coronavirus crisis, it would be safe to say everyone's doing some "Netflix and Chill." With restrictions on stepping out over the fear of Covid 19 spread, people are binging shows on Netflix like never before. One of the shows being watched is the South Korean drama "My Secret, Terrius." The shows stars So Ji‑sub, Jung In‑sun and Son ho joon in the lead. The official synopsis reads, "A secret agent who detaches himself from the world after a failed operation tries to unravel the mystery behind a neighbour's death."

The show is growing popularity on social media platforms due to its 10th episode of the first season. Almost 53 minutes into the episode, the show depicts coronavirus is mutated and used as a weapon. "We must do more research, but it looks like a mutant coronavirus," the doctor explains on the show. 

"Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90%," another character on the show explains while comparing coronavirus to MERS. The actress on the show explains that the coronavirus incubation period is between two to 14 days. "The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed," she says. To top it off, the character confesses there is no cure as yet and the kids on the show are taught how to wash their hands properly to avoid the spread of the virus. 

The eerie mention and the events followed on the season finale have fans freaking out and convinced "My Secret, Terrius" had warned about the virus almost a year before the first case was reported in China. 

"How on earth does a South Korean writer know in 2018 about Covid -19 aka Coronavirus??????????. If you are unsure what I am talking about you can watch episode 10 at 53minutes," an online user tweeted. "So there's this series on netflix called "My Secret Terrius" which came out in 2018 and it's totally creepin me," another tweet read. "anyone on Netflix should go and type in the search box "My Secret, Terrius" season 1 episode 10... and skip to 53 mins!... I'm actually shocked rn," another viewer shared. 

Check out the My Secret, Terrius scene HERE and a few reactions below:

The K-Drama has caught the internet's attention a few days after Netflix users freaked out about Contagion. The Gwyneth Paltrow starrer revolves around a crucial death embarking the MEV-1 virus outbreak which claimed the lives of 26 million. 

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