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#Showbiz: 'If I could live life again, I wouldn't make the same choices'

New Straits Times logo New Straits Times 7/11/2019 Dennis Chua
Andy Lau et al. posing for the camera: Lau and Yang © Provided by Media Prima Lau and Yang

KUALA LUMPUR: Yang Lijuan made headlines in 2007 as Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau's obsessed fan. Her unhealthy fixation with 59-year-old Lau ultimately led to her father's death.

Entertainment portal Asia One reported yesterday that Yang, 40, admitted that she was wrong and that she would have lived her life differently if she could.

She said: "If I could live life again, I wouldn't make the same choices."

When asked if she was sure, Yang reaffirmed her response before falling silent.

Yang also revealed that her temper had mellowed through the years and she had been remorseful for her actions.

Every year during the Qing Ming Festival, she pays her respects at the river where she scattered her father's ashes.

She said: "Father, your daughter knows you made a lot of sacrifices for her. Mother and I are both doing well. I will take care of mother and you're the best father. Please forgive your daughter."

Yang now works at a supermarket in Lanzhou, China. She enjoys life's simple pleasures and is no longer obsessed with Lau.

"It's been so many years since the incident and after all this time I feel lucky that God didn't abandon me. I feel grateful every day," she said.

Yang had been so obsessed with Lau that she even dropped out of school in order to meet him. To help her realise her dream, her parents exhausted their savings and sold their house. Her father even tried to sell his kidney to a local hospital but was rejected because it was illegal.

Eventually, Yang managed to get an invite to Lau's birthday party which was organised by his fan club on March 25, 2007, but was left feeling disappointed because she only got a few minutes to take a photo with him but did not manage to talk to him.

In response to Lau's perceived aloofness towards his daughter, Yang's 68-year-old father drowned himself in the Salisbury Sea and left a 12-page letter to Lau chiding him for his behaviour and said it was up to the star to arrange a private meeting with his daughter.

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