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Ella shares weight-loss tips

TPG Logo By tungstar3 of TPG | Slide 1 of 12: (Taipei July 13, 2017) Ella attended an Italy clothing brand FW fashion show after childbirth today. To show the public best condition, Ella stopped eating since yesterday, only drunk vegetable juice. She was trying to lose another 1kg to achieve the perfect condition. Ella shared her weight-losing tips in the conference:“Eat good food, high quality protein, high quality starch like sweet potato, and do the exercising like deep squat at same time”. She successfully reduced weight in three months. Ella also shared the joyful to be a mother and said it‘s great to have someone you cared 24/7. Her son has a strange hobby, likes to look into the mirror and talked to himself. When talked about the second child, Ella said she wanted to keep the good body shape for a while, maybe one and half year later, she will try to have a daughter.

(Taipei July 13, 2017) Ella, who has given birth just a few months before, attended an Italy clothing brand FW fashion show today. 

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