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Jeannie Chan was in 'a car accident scam'

TPG Logo TPG | Slide 1 of 23: (Hongkong April 10 2019) Jeannie Chan,Joyce Tang and Zhixian Huang etc. promoted for “ICAC Investigators 2019” in Hong Kong today. Jeannie has many car chasing scenes in the series. Her gossip boyfriend Carlos Chan highly praised her driving skill. Jeannie said:“I studied abroad since I was young and started to drive in 16. My driving skill is much better than green hands Carlos. His parking job is terrible”. Jeannie had met traffic accident fraud. She said:“The man said I hit him and asked for money. Luckily I have automobile data recorder. I think recorder is the greatest invention”.

(Hong Kong, April 10 2019) Jeannie Chan, Joyce Tang and Zhixian Huang promoted “ICAC Investigators 2019” in Hong Kong recently. 

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