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Running helps Lala Hsu with her creativity

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 11: (Taipei April 14 2019) Lala Hsu attended a running activity at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei today. Lala finished a 10 kilometers running. She happily said:“Am I brave? I started to run for 2-3 months, my maximum record was 6 kilometers”. When asked Lala the purpose of running, she said:“I want to enhance my strength,power and vital capacity for my singing career. It’s not for pregnancy”. Her husband Bill Chia often accompany her to run by playing sliding plate. Lala said:“He is good at sports. But I‘m not jealous. Everybody has his own way to reach the end”. Bill praised Lala is a warrior. She said:“Yes, I’m the contest-type, my adrenalin rush when I‘m in contest”. Running is also good for Lala’s creative work. She said:“I would listen my new songs when I‘m running. If the song is good, I run fast. And new ideas come out when I‘m running. I also like to listen heart-warming songs to encourage myself do not give us”. Talked about the new album, Lala said:“I wish it can be released in 2019. But it seems hard to achieve”.

(Taipei April 14 2019) Lala Hsu attended a marathon at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei today.

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