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Selina broke down over Golden Bell stress

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 20: (October 5, 2017 Taipei News) Selina attended brand event in Taipei. She was in the good mood after Golden Bell award. She went to Ella’s home to celebrity the Mid-Autumn Festival. She said she got a lot of stress to host the Golden Bell Award but she was happy that she got the good performance with her partner Mickey Huang in Golden Bell Award especially everyone likes the show that they imitate Crowd Lu and Chen-Nan Tsai. Selina couldn’t speak Taiwanese, so she asked people to teach her word by word and make her accent more accurate and local. She said just the flight between Lu and Tsai, she watched this part more over 100 times but she has been missing words in the rehearsal. The day before the ceremony Selina cried due to too much stress and after the ceremony, she was too tired to sleep on the couch until dawn. She tried to lose weight and have better shape for Golden Bell Award. She balanced diet and exercise for 3 month. About her work, she is preparing her new album recently and definitely she will launch the new album next year. For her book, she has to postpone the schedule and has no schedule.

Selina Jen cries while imitating “A Boy Named Flora A”

(October 5, 2017, Taipei News) Selina attended a brand event in Taipei. She was in a good mood after the Golden Bell Awards. She went to Ella’s home to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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