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Shin Hye Sung 'begs fans for mercy'

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 18: (Taipei October 09 2017) Shin Hye Sung cosplay Prince Charming attended his personal fans meeting conference today. Though he already showed up at Lee Min Woo‘s conference earlier this afternoon, but he humorous emphasized:“Did you go to Min Woo’s conference earlier? Now it‘s my time, let’s regard it as first time we meet. Hello, How do you do!”. The passionate Taiwan fans asked Shin to perform dance and drink water sexily on the site, Shin shyly begged:“I love you so much, have mercy!”. Shin was so excited to hold fans meeting conference in Taiwan solo that he forgot to wait the translator translate what he said. He embarrassed said:“Sorry , I forget to wait the translator. I will speak slowly next time”. Shin sung several lyric songs to show off his singing skills on the site and kindly talked to fans in Korean and English. Same as Lee Min Woo, Shin high-five with fans to say goodbye after the conference.

Shin Hye Sung 'begs for mercy' from fans

(October 09 2017, Taipei) Shin Hye Sung held a fan meeting with his fans in Taipei today. 

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