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#Showbiz: Girls' Generation's Tiffany on suffering from scoliosis, auditioning for US acting roles

New Straits Times logo New Straits Times 5 days ago Aref Omar
a person wearing a blue dress: Tiffany of Girls’ Generation (Picture from Soompi) © Provided by Media Prima Tiffany of Girls’ Generation (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: Girls’ Generation member Tiffany has been slowly making a name for herself as a solo artiste in Los Angeles, USA where she is now based since 2017.

According to Soompi, the 30-year-old idol, whose real name is Stephanie Young Hwang, was recently interviewed by Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo after the release of her latest single Magnetic Moon and her Open Hearts Eve concert last month in Seoul.

Part of the interview saw her talking about the challenges of becoming an actress in the US and how she overcame her medical condition.

On going for auditions for acting roles, the San Francisco-born star said: “I’m steadily receiving scripts for auditions through my agency. There was an acting offer I received recently that was almost at the point of it being confirmed. I was so happy about it, like it was a college acceptance letter. The offer said, ‘It’s a role that would be a perfect fit for Tiffany,’ but when I did the camera test they said I looked too young. A project that I believed was all set also fell through, and there’s a lot of times when I feel frustrated.”

Knowing that she’d fall into a slump if she became upset and disappointed, Tiffany confessed that she headed to the music studio for a healing process. “Music is still the space where I work through my feelings,” she said.

Tiffany also talked about how she overcame scoliosis, a condition that involves the curvature of the spine.

She said: “Actually, I have scoliosis but I shared that for the first time after my promotions. That pain and weakness became a strength for me. I practiced twice as much as other people, took care of my health, and became a bit obsessed with fashion. It was a way to cover that up.”

The idol added that one of her goals was to share her experiences in order to inspire young people to pursue their own dreams.

Talking further about her condition, she said: “Rather than thinking ‘I shouldn’t let other people know about my pain,’ I think the opposite, which is ‘I’m who I am today because I have overcome scoliosis.’ I also want to help young people with this if I can. There are a lot of people who are athletes, ballerinas, or models too that suffer because of scoliosis. But there isn’t much awareness about this.”

She elaborated that when she was younger, a doctor told her that she would not be able to make her debut due to her condition.

“I said then, ‘No. I’m okay. I’m going to manage this and do better.’ I adjusted everything about myself, like my body, my health, and even how I breathe and stand.”

Tiffany then went on to comment on what her fans mean to her. “When I was doing an interview in America, I said that when I needed a family and a home, my members and music were there for me.”

“In particular, my fans became my heart’s home. They made a roof over my head and seem to be always protecting and cherishing me. Now in the opposite way, I want to protect them and do greater things for them. We have a warm relationship.”

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