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Suzy: My former style was indeed a ‘disaster'

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 20: (Taipei May 12 2018) Suzy arrived to the first station of her Asia fans meeting tour in Taiwan today. At the beginning of the conference, Suzy greeted to fans in Chinese “Do you miss me?”. Then she performed many songs like sweet “HOLIDAY”, dynamic “SObeR” and danced hotly. She changed three suits of clothes and even sung Jay‘s “waiting for you” for today’s performance. Suzy soulfully said:“My happiness index was 99 points yesterday. Today it becomes 100. And now I feel it raises to 1000 points”. Then the screen suddenly played the clips fans made for her. Suzy was shocked at first. She said:“I thought something goes wrong at first. Thank you so much for your gift.” Then she self-mockery:“my former style indeed was a ‘disaster’”.

(Taipei May 12 2018) Suzy arrived at the first stop of her Asia fans meeting tour in Taiwan today.

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