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Anita Yuen & Julian Cheung adopts rapper Bridge as godson

The Independent logo The Independent 14/10/2021 Lydia Koh
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When rapper Bridge (real name Chen Jianqiao) joined China’s TV show Call Me By Fire to showcase his talents, bet he was not expecting to find a family outside his blood-related kin. Celebrity couple Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen has apparently adopted the 28-year-old.

Bridge revealed some surprising but sweet news during his appearance on the show Amazing Performance. He received a message from Anita Yuen shortly after his elimination from Call Me By Fire in the fourth round.

“The first text message I received was from my ‘godmother’ (Anita),” he shared. “(She wrote): “I can’t bear you leaving (the show).”” Apparently, the duo were close as Bridge would often share his day with her when he called her up.

Yuen is not the only one doting on Bridge, however. Yuen’s husband, Cheung had previously shared his interest in accepting Bridge as a godson. It turned out that Cheung had found the rapper “very good, sensible, smart and decent” during their collaboration on “Call Me By Fire”.

Bridge admitted he hadn’t known about this until much later, reported

He also felt it would be weird to refer to Cheung as ‘godfather’ during the show. However, now that he’s left, Bridge is boldly calling Cheung and Yuen his godparents. There were some netizens who liked the idea and also those who opposed it, but the majority has been good.

Most comments are cooing over how cute their relationship is. “Bridge is great,” one comment read, while another said: “Treat (Bridge) well!” Others praised Cheung and Yuen for recognising the younger artist and taking him under their wing.

Unfortunately, there were a few naysayers who refused to believe the interaction was genuine and suspected it had been fabricated especially for the show.

“(Anita) sent a text message and spoiled you?” one asked disbelievingly. “It is definitely (created) by the program’s group,” another said. “it doesn’t matter to Anita and Julian at all.”

Few also pitched that the topic was trending on Weibo because someone in the business was backing it.

Nevertheless, we are hoping that the adoption news is true. It would be nice to have some heartwarming news for once.

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