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New ‘The Authority’ Film Could Introduce The First Singapore Hero In James Gunn’s DC Universe

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The new 10 movie and TV series slate that comprises ‘Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters’ from the rebooted cinematic DC Studios, from architect James Gunn, might just introduce Singapore’s first superhero in the DC Film Universe.

One of the titles slated to make its big screen debut is ‘The Authority’, a superhero group with a hard edge that utilises extreme methods to protect mankind. And its leader is Jenny Sparks, thought to be the Spirit of the 20th Century.

As a founding member of the team, she leads a core roster of heroes – the enhanced tactician Midnighter; solar powered Apollo; the Engineer, a scientist who replaced his blood with microscopic nanites; female winged warrior Swift; Jack Hawksmoor, whose draws superhuman abilities from cities he is in, and the Doctor, a mystical shaman connected to the energies of the Earth.


In the original 12-issue run of the comics by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, Sparks dies in the final minutes of December 31, 1999, as it marked the end of the 20th Century, and the start of the 21st.

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In issue 13, Jenny Quantum becomes the Spirit of the 21st Century and is the reincarnation of Jenny Sparks. She was born on January 1st, 2000 in Singapore which makes her a Singaporean and if the movie introduces her, will make her the first Singaporean superhero to join the DC Film Universe.

In the comics, the dark haired child wears a jacket as well as a red/white t-shirt that reveals a crescent moon and five stars, which is the same as Singapore’s national flag, which is red and white, with a crescent moon and five stars.

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At this point, it’s all conjecture as Gunn has not revealed the roster of the new ‘The Authority’ film, nor who is writing or directing, but the very presence of Jenny Quantum in the comics, who accelerates her growth to become a teen hero, brings us closer to, and gives us hope for, a Singapore link in a major superhero flick.

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