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Amber An‘s 'boyfriend' is her pet dog

TPG Logo By applesupplier of TPG | Slide 1 of 19: (Taipei September 12 2017) Taiwan SPCA invited Amber An attended love pets charity activity, call on the public attention to pet rescue today. Amber did not have a boyfriend yet. She lived with “boyfriend” pet dog Miu Miu and would feed fruits to Miu Miu by “you take a bite, I take a bite, like sweet couple”. Her standards of choosing spouse is “love dogs like I do”. Amber said dog need space to run, better not lock them in a small place. Let him go where he want. Her dog did not like sleep with her, always sleep with her mother.“But he will wake me up , jump and bark on my bed every morning. If I ignore him, he will punch my back”, Amber said.

(Taipei September 12 2017) Taiwan SPCA invited Amber An to a love pets charity activity to call on the public's attention to pet rescue today. 

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