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Highlight Shares The Story Behind The Name

BNT logoBNT 20/3/2017 BntNews
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Group Highlight unveiled the story behind its new name.

Group Highlight, formerly known as BEAST, held a showcase to commemorate the release of its first mini-album under its new name ‘Can You Feel It’ on March 20in Gwangjin-gu’s Yes Hall, in Seoul.

That day, the members of the group explained us how they came up with this new name, starting with Son Dongwoon who said, ‘’The title of the last album of our BEAST era was ‘Highlight’. It contains also the meaning that with this fresh start we wish to become the highlight of the entertainment industry.’’

To which Yang Yoseob added, ‘’I suggested another name but they ignored me because it kind of sounded like a convenience store name so we chose Highlight.’’

Meanwhile, Highlight released its first mini-album on March 20 and kicked off promotion.

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