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Joe Jonas dresses up as Game of Thrones fiancée Sophie Turner and it's too funny

Mirror logo Mirror 4 days ago Vicki Newman

Joe Jonas dressed up as Sansa Stark is just too funny.

The Jonas Brothers star decided to celebrate the start of the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones by dressing up like Sansa, the character played by his fiancée Sophie Turner .

Joe donned a long ginger wig and a fetching blue medieval-style dress to emulate his future wife's famous character.

a woman standing in front of a door: His fans were loving it © COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN His fans were loving it

"MOOD," he captioned the video he posted on Instagram .

He's seen walking through a door as the Game of Thrones theme tune plays, walking up towards the camera and adopting his best royal pose before swooshing the sleeve of his velvet dress and walking away.

Sophie's best friend, Maisie Williams, who plays her sister Arya Stark, commented: "Why are you so embarrassing. We Stan."

a woman standing in front of a door: Joe does his best Sansa impression © COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN Joe does his best Sansa impression

While another joked he looked more like another fictional character, saying: "Easily mistaken for Fiona from shrek."

"Tooooo good!!," Priyanka Chopra, the wife of his brother Nick said.

Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas are posing for a picture: Joe is Sophie's biggest fan © FilmMagic for HBO Joe is Sophie's biggest fan

While another joked: "Sansa every time Daenerys walks into a room."

One fan laughed: "Hast been a harsh winter for our queen"

And another told him: "Ur so damn REGAL"

a woman smiling for the camera: Some thought he looked more like Princess Fiona though © COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN Some thought he looked more like Princess Fiona though

It comes after Sophie left fans terrified she'd given away a huge spoiler about her character Sansa Stark.

The actress, 23, shared a behind the scenes picture from her time filming the final series, and it all went a bit wrong.

In the picture, Sophie is lying down with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, and some fans became convinced that she'd given away that her character dies.

Sophie's 'spoiler' pic © Instagram Sophie's 'spoiler' pic

One commented: "You definitely look dead here but okay"


While one wrote: "OMG Sansa dies!"

Another said: "Girl if this is a pic of you dead on set I’m blocking you! Don’t play with me"

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner are posing for a picture: The couple are engaged © The couple are engaged

And another asked: "Is this a spoiler ???"

But fear not, Sophie is just sleeping in the pic as she rests in between takes on a long day of shooting.

She captioned the snap: "In honour of the final season of Thrones premiering tonight .... Here’s a picture of me asleep on set."

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