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Kitchen Accessories People Buy When They Want To Impress Party Guests logo 11/12/2018 Kuscera

It’s the holiday season yet again. You know what that means? It’s also party season. This whole month, homeowners will probably be hosting guests regularly.

Do you want your guests to be impressed when they come over? Get your hands on these cool kitchen accessories that are guaranteed to impress any party guest.

Condiment Gun

Spice up your home barbeques with this unconventional sauce “shooter”. This condiment gun is a funny twist on the traditional squeezy bottle. It's also a great conversational starter.

It comes with 2 reusable and refillable cartridges. It is easy to use and mess free. The no-drip tip cover that comes with it avoids spills.

Burger stuffer

a pot on a table © Provided by Renotalk

What is one of the most common party foods? Burgers are a crowd favorite. Want to be a step above the conventional burger maker and blow your guests away? Get this burger stuffer to turn the traditional burger into an ultimate burger. This is guaranteed to leave a mark on your guests.

Stuff your meat with anything you desire be it cheese, grilled mushrooms or more meat. This handy burger stuffer can make big stuffed patties up to half a pound. If you don't feel like a stuffed burger you could still use this to shape uniform all meat patties. Avoid mess with this easy to clean non-stick stuffer.

C pump soap dispenser

a person holding a cup © Provided by Renotalk

Are your hands dirty from all the food prep you’ve been doing? Or, do your guests have dirty hands from eating all the good food served at your party? Want to wash your hands but don't want to get grease on the soap dispenser?

Fret not. This C shaped pump soap dispenserallows anyone to operate it with the back one hand. Guaranteed ease of use and convenience. It's refillable and a great way to avoid plastic waste from disposable bottles.

Star wars salt & pepper shaker

a close up of a toy © Provided by Renotalk

Have people coming over for a dinner party? Let them spice up your food with these cool Star Wars themedceramicsalt and pepper shakers. Chances are these will garner a lot of attention among party guests. Why? Because almost everybody loves star wars.  This is perfect for any Star Wars fan.

There is a variety of different shakers to choose from online. Whether you want a Darth Vader and stormtrooper shaker, a BB-8 shaker orR2-D2 shakers, they have them online. These are also made of easy to clean and durable ceramic. The rubber stoppers allow easy and convenient refill.


© Provided by Renotalk

Serving up dumplings or noodles at your party but you don't know if your guests prefer chopsticks or a fork to eat them? Why not provide both! Give your guests an option.

For the chopstick virtuosos, they can break this chork into chopsticks. The less skilled chopstick users can use these as beginner chopsticks. And, for those who are chopstick handicapped, just use these as a user-friendly fork.  These are a cheap and versatile party utensil to have. They are great for anyone, be it kids or adults.

Fruit keg tapping kit

a close up of a sign © Provided by Renotalk

Want a fun way to serve up your fruit punch at your annual barbeque? But, you don't want to spend a fortune on a fancy dispenser? Switch it up with this fruit keg tapping kit. Guaranteed to give your party a cool fruity punch display, use this fruit keg tapping kit to transform any big fruit into a drink dispenser.

It's simple and easy to fit on your fruit. The sleek design makes no leaks or drips. And, this stainless steel kit makes it super easy to clean. This fun drink dispenser would be a great piece on your kitchen island during parties.

Touch sensing faucet

a person preparing food in a kitchen © Provided by Renotalk

Are your hands dirty from cooking and prepping all the food for your party? Want to wash your hands but they're too greasy to turn the handle? Get this touch sensing faucet installed in your kitchen so you won’t face this problem again.

Water flow is activated by touch and turning the faucet handle. Touch anywhere on the spout or handle to start and stop water flow. And, if your hands are clean you can just use the handle manually.

This faucet has a detachable kitchen sprayer and is leak proof. Its stainless steel sleek body also allows easy cleaning. This sleek faucet would make a great addition to any kitchen countertop.

Darth Vader toaster

a close up of items on a table © Provided by Renotalk

Want another Star Wars themed conversation starter kitchen accessory? Get this cool Darth Vader helmet shaped toaster for your kitchen. This will make any party guest envious of your cool toaster.

It can toast anything from bread to waffles, English muffins and toaster pastries. It has an adjustable thermostat and automatic manual switch-off switch which will save energy. It also has a removable bottom tray to allow easy crumb disposal.

The next time you have dinner guests over, pop the dinner rolls or baguette slices in this cool gadget and watch your guests be amazed. This cool appliance would make a cool counter piece in any sized kitchen. It could also revamp any boring kitchen counter.

Swan shaped ladles

© Provided by Renotalk

Bored of the traditional ladle for serving food? Want a fun way to serve up soups or punch at your holiday party? This elegant swan ladle will add an air of sophistication to any party.

It’s made with a long enough handle for serving soup from any pot or dish. Besides that, it is made of durable and safe BPA free plastic that is non-toxic and easy to clean.

So, do you want to be the host that is guaranteed to impress guests with their equipped kitchen? Get your hands on these cool kitchen accessories to make an impression. Links to buy these accessories have been linked above.

Know any other accessories to impress party guests that weren’t mentioned above? Leave a comment and tell us about it below. Describe it and leave a picture so others can see more cool kitchen accessories.

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