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Wellness, sustainability and convenience will lead food and drink industry 2019: report

Relaxnews (AFP) logoRelaxnews (AFP) 15/11/2018

Health and wellness, sustainability and "elevated convenience." Those are the three overarching themes that market researchers predict will trend in the food and beverage industry in 2019. 

According to the predictions of Mintel, consumers in 2019 will see more products that respond to rising demand for responsible, sustainable and convenient food and drink options. 

Here's a synopsis: 

"Evergreen consumption" 
Green-minded consumers are now extending their definition of sustainability to the entire lifecycle of a product, from farm, to packaging, to retailer, and rebirth. It's a 360-degree approach that Mintel is calling the "new sustainability" that involves collaboration among suppliers, manufacturers, governments, non-profits, and retailers. 

Expect to see more bio-based packaging materials replace one of the world's biggest environmental menaces -- plastic, and to see the concept of upcycling become more popular. Manufacturers will also make publicized efforts to improve air pollution, plant welfare, and regenerative agriculture. 

Health, wellness and beauty 
The food and beverage industry will take cues from the beauty industry in tying in holistic, proactive and preventative claims into products that promise to help consumers grow old, gracefully. Don't be surprised to see more products claim to address everything from bone, joint, brain and eye health, along with other age-related health concerns. 

"Elevated convenience" 
Mintel researchers make a bold, though vague claim in predicting that 2019 will see a "new generation" of modern, tastier, more diverse convenience food and drink options. Meal kits that are already popular will take on restaurant-quality flavors and formats, while new technological innovations will also "elevate" the food and drink experience from planning to shopping to preparation. Likewise, premium convenience will not be limited to dinnertime, but expand to snacks and beverage breaks.

The crusade against plastic will produce more environmentally-friendly bio-packaging, says Mintel. © Provided by AFPRelaxNews The crusade against plastic will produce more environmentally-friendly bio-packaging, says Mintel.
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