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Why is chickpea water the latest food phenomenon?

StarsInsider logo StarsInsider 10/10/2018 Stars Insider
Discover unique aquafaba food hacks: Why is chickpea water the latest food phenomenon? © Shutterstock Why is chickpea water the latest food phenomenon?

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with chickpeas! From making falafel and hummus to adding them to salads and curries, chickpeas are a healthy and tasty addition to an everyday diet. But what is aquafaba? The food world is spinning about the phenomenon surrounding chickpea water.

While the idea of consuming the liquid that is in a chickpea jar may sound off-putting, it is becoming a popular substitute for eggs. If you put aquafaba in a mixer, it magically becomes whipped and creamy, which closely resembles the consistency of egg whites. 

Aquafaba can be used to make fluffy meringues, mayonnaise, angel food cake, whiskey sours, and so many other delicious recipes that call for eggs. Adding flavors to the base aquafaba mixture completely covers the taste of chickpeas. 

So how did this random food innovation come to be? Mark Ramadan, the co-founder of the plant-based condiment company, Sir Kensington's, says it was discovered among online health blogs. “We owe a debt of gratitude to the vegan community,” he told Wired. “They say with great constraint comes great creativity.”  

Get out of your cooking comfort zone and try making an aquafaba recipe today! 


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