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Substance Abuse and How It Can Impact Your Marriage

Working Mother logoWorking Mother 13/7/2017 Emily Green
Substance abuse hurts everyone involved. © Pexels Substance abuse hurts everyone involved.

Most families have had a member or multiple members of the family that have suffered through some kind of substance abuse. Recovery or death is the reality for many of these people as the abuse or drugs and alcohol can lead to long term health issues. Having issues with substance abuse yourself can be very difficult on your marriage as your spouse suffers through it with you. On the other hand your spouse suffering through it is another issue with its own problems. The following are ways that substance abuse can impact your marriage as well as your family.

Physical or Mental Abuse

Physical abuse should not be tolerated in any relationship as it is a huge breach of trust. This could be you as a mother beating up or slapping your spouse because they showed up drunk or high. It could be the opposite with the person suffering from substance abuse being not able to control their temper. The mental abuse is the most impactful on a family as everyone in the family suffers due to the addiction. Children have parents miss birthdays and you or your spouse simply will not be reliable or trustworthy which is a tough pill for anyone but especially children to deal with.

Impacting Social Relationships

A healthy circle of friends that a married couple has can be decimated by substance abuse. Not many people want to invite a person over for dinner if they are going to be high or get absurdly drunk. This isn’t talking about getting a tipsy with friends but rather drinking until you pass out at the table or vomit. If substance abuse is impacting your social circle it is time to evaluate your or your spouse’s actions. Your friends are not going to put their children around a person who is vomiting drunk or showed up to the home high.

Financial Issues

Drugs and alcohol are expensive especially when they are done multiple times daily. Financial issues can add to the problems a couple are having due to substance abuse. If one or both of you do not know how to stop drinking or doing drugs it is time to enlist professional help. Cutting the person off from the family bank account is important as they will spend every penny if their addiction is bad enough. Separate bank accounts will help you or your spouse ensure that the children are taken care of first and foremost.

Divorce and Custody of The Children

There are going to be addictions that have people so far gone that they are not willing to change for anyone. Divorce is the only option left as raising a child around a severe addict is not healthy for them mentally. Custody of the children will be an open and shut case as the addict will never be granted custody. Start gathering proof of the addiction as some addicts might show up to court with a story of sobriety.

As you can see substance abuse can ruin a marriage and family. The way you respond and deal with the substance abuse can make all of the difference. Get yourself help or your spouse as you owe it to the children.

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