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Aquarius: Your daily horoscope - November 19

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You probably have a knack for listening to other people and noticing when they're in need of a little help or a shoulder to cry on. Today may be an excellent time for you to do one of the things you do best - help another person out. Consider going the extra mile by comforting those around you that are in need. Show your extraordinary ability to care and be a true friend. Making someone smile again can make a huge difference to that person.Having a hard time? Find the answers that you seek!

Your love horoscope

It's not that you are in the habit of taking your romantic partner for granted, it's just that you don't usually like to make a fuss over your relationship. Maybe you don't bring your girlfriend flowers any more, now that the two of you are officially dating. Or maybe you prefer a simple evening of beer and pizza to dining out in an elegant restaurant. Try to be more sensitive to your partner's needs today.

Your career horoscope

You are likely filled with lots of energy and enthusiasm today. Play is on your mind much more than work. You'll be chatty and sociable, striking up conversations with anyone you meet. Why not take advantage of all this great energy and ask that certain someone you've had your eye on out for a drink, or even dinner. Your wonderful, playful mood will be catching, and you're sure to have a great time!

Your finance horoscope

Some new information may come your way that causes you to focus on a new interest. It'll set your mind going and have you traveling mentally to faraway places and times. You could also meet some new people, who may be highly educated or come from foreign lands, or both. They might have some fascinating stories to tell! Whatever comes your way, today promises to excite your curiosity and give your intellect some real stimulation.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you might need to agree to disagree with someone. You could be in one of those moods where you have a strong opinion about someone. You could be tempted to force your views on another, and your willpower could be engaged in a struggle. Try to be more relaxed about things. It's not essential that someone share your views. A difference of opinion can be rather exciting. You could learn something from your opponent today!

Tomorrow's horoscope

A conference of some kind could touch upon some pretty volatile issues, and the people present could disagree to the point that the meeting turns into a shouting match. You probably have strong opinions on this, as well, but don't get involved. You won't be able to stop the argument, and it can only stress you out. In fact, if you can, it might be advisable to avoid this meeting altogether. Think about it!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 18 to November 24

Life: The planets tend to destabilize you professionally, so it won’t be easy to stay on track after Wednesday. Financially, things will be more complicated and a small loss is possible if you don’t increase your prudence.

Love: You move forward without looking back. Only those who share your spirit and dynamism will gather around you. Your creed is effectively “If you like me, you follow me!”

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Here are your free predictions for the month of November

Love: Even if last month was beneficial, you appreciate not rushing things. From the 9th, happiness will force its way into your life in the form of a simple and straightforward relationship.

Life:Start a project before the 17th as it will be blessed with good omens. From then onwards, you’ll be protected in your endeavors, as your ideas will be meet with open arms. Beyond your work life, you’ll be enticed by a non-commercial activity.

Bonus: You’ll look at the bright side of life.

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