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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - May 27

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If only you could take wing and fly to your freedom. Perhaps you should allow yourself to envision the future your own way; you'd be much less agitated. Of course, the planets are daring you to outdo yourself right now. It's time to break free from the past. Take a long, hard look at all your values, and keep only those you feel are essential.Discover the wonderful world of Tarot!

Your love horoscope

Romance and marriage are always important to you, and today especially so. You should be feeling particularly warm, loving, and beautiful, and so matters of love and partnership should be especially romantic today. Today bodes well for other forms of partnership as well, particularly business partnerships, as an increased level of understanding could pass between you and those with whom you work. Casual acquaintances could become friends. Enjoy your day.

Your career horoscope

Innovation is a key theme for you today. Use your brain in order to make the work you do more efficient. Approach each situation with the attitude that you can do something to change it for the better. Have confidence in your unique approach to things. Instigate change and the sparks will fly. The fire that you ignite will be for the betterment of all, whether people realize this or not.

Your finance horoscope

Your conversational abilities are at an all-time high today, which serves you well at social events. An increased intuition enhances your understanding of the needs and desires of others, which could draw current friends closer to you and new people into your circle. Your imagination and ingenuity are also very active, so ideas for investments of developing your businiess plans might also come to you. Others should respond enthusiastically to them. Enjoy your day!

Your wellbeing horoscope

If someone has recently approached you about forming a partnership, it might be well worth your while to give this serious consideration. The energy from the day's planetary aspects is supportive of successful partnership forming even if it's not something you've ever really thought of. Sit down and talk with this person. Write out ideas and share plans. Explore this opportunity before discounting it's worth. Trust in your analytical skills to see things clearly.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Stick to the tried and true today, and do not be afraid of making any last minute changes to the plan. Make sure to compliment others when they do something well, and show appreciation for their positive qualities. You will gain their respect and the respect of those around you. Celebrate the small things in life and appreciate all that you have - physically as well as emotionally. Let other people share in your warm and generous spirit.

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Life: Your confidence isn’t exactly running high this week and you are doubting in your abilities. You can expect to come up against some strong opponents this week, but that’s not to say you have nothing to offer.

Love: Life is a party for you right now. Venus the planet of love is injecting a touch of passion into your relationship and intensifying the attraction between you and your partner. Kiss goodbye to tension and say hello to sensuality.

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Love Horoscope

During the first week, you’ll experience love passionately. For you, passion is limitless and gives you what you need to make your relationship a success. From the 13th onwards, the object of your desires sends you contradictory signals and you get a little scared. Cool your inner fire to analyze your emotions more lucidly.  

Career Horoscope

You are working towards your goals in a targeted and effective way. Yet around the 11th, Saturn encourages you to review some of your ideas. The work is likely to be more consequent than expected, so try not to get ahead of yourself.

Wellness Horoscope

You feel an inner strength that carries and fortifies you. Your determination will carry you through anything.

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