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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - January 17

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This is a terrific day for you, and you should find that your relationships - especially with men - go exceptionally well. Your tender and extremely sensitive nature is finally being recognized as the treasure chest that it is. There are many times in which this type of personality is seen as weak, yet today is one of those times in which you are given the full credit that you deserve.Having a hard time? Find the answers that you seek!

Your love horoscope

You would love to go off by yourself to conquer the world, but you need other people's recognition too much and proof of their love for you to get too far away. But because of this you let yourself be influenced by other people, and you let other people take over your personality so much that you begin to give up on yourself. You should realize that you can count on your friends to make up for the absence of your family in your daily life...

Your career horoscope

You could be feeling the impulse to get a lot of chores or work done today. The problem is, you might also feel like goofing off in front of the TV! Maybe you shouldn't push yourself right now, especially if you have had a busy schedule these past few days. It might be best to just relax and take it easy. Maybe you need to recharge your batteries and have some fun for once.

Your finance horoscope

Today you might find that you have less money than you thought, which could cause a temporary upset. Still, overall you should be doing well financially, and this trend is likely to continue. You might hear of a large sum of money - perhaps a tax refund - that's coming your way, which should more than offset the shortfall. All this aside, this promises to be a very pleasant day. Don't let a negative mood spoil it for you.

Your wellbeing horoscope

People around you could be in a bit of a critical mood right now. Your boss could be worried about something like budgets or staff changes, and he or she might not have time to applaud you. Or your kids could just be in a grumpy mood, and they might not laugh at your jokes! Try not to take any of this heavy energy personally, as it is due to the current planetary energies, and will pass.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You can expect a somewhat frustrating day ahead. If you sit down to a task that requires intense concentration, you'll undoubtedly be plagued by a series of minor interruptions. If you demand some peace and quiet, your entourage may make remarks about how grouchy and ill tempered you are today. This too shall pass; you'll be in better spirits tomorrow...

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 13 to January 19

Life: You’ll feel like beginning the year with a bit of muscle, good blood circulation and a good diet. You manage all of that naturally, without obsessing over it at all!

Love: You’ll cement your couple, making the most of each instant that you spend together. Your intellectual understanding will be equally as perfect as your sensual synergy. Singles, open your eyes!

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: From January 7, you’ll feel completely at ease in your relationships. After the 11th, Venus, Mars, then Jupiter will stimulate your couple and bathe you in euphoria – your relationship will move up gears.

Life: You won’t be lacking in energy but it’ll be a month of uncertainty. Concentrate on your needs and goals before anything and be patient, as companies may be reluctant to hire before the 21st.

Bonus: Singles, this is your month for love.

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