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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - November 18

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Is there some secret that you've become obsessed with unveiling? This could be something strange going on in your neighborhood, or it might be an intellectual puzzle. Whatever it is, you're determined to discover the truth, and may find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do. Don't be too pushy asking questions. Your friends won't appreciate that. Try to confine your research to books, newspapers, and the Web. This way you can get a few clues without alienating anyone.Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here!

Your love horoscope

Someone important to you, either at work or in your neighborhood, may notify you today of her imminent departure. She may be getting married or perhaps she has accepted a job offer in another state. While you are happy for your friend, it is hard for you to see others move on as you stay put in the same old rut. Know that your "rut" is really of your own making. You have both the right and the ability to make great changes in your life, starting today. You need only choose to do so.

Your career horoscope

It may be extremely hard for you to make a decision about anything today. Don't stress out about work or the things you need to get done. With today's aspects, it is definitely a day that shouldn't be plagued with sour energies from the past. Realize that every time you wake up in the morning, you experience a rebirth. Venture forward into a new adventure!

Your finance horoscope

Try not to take things too personally if you don't finish everything today. The pace of the day could be very fast, and it would be easy to speed through documents without double-checking the accuracy of calculations and phrasing. Take some extra time to verify that data is correct. If you get caught up in the rush of the day you could make an error that could cause problems or bring you some embarrassment!

Your wellbeing horoscope

Someone else's fantasy world may be getting in the way of your practical reality. You may find it difficult to stay grounded today. Does it seem like someone is purposely trying to rub you the wrong way? Perhaps you are finding it hard to keep your mind clear. Try to maintain a healthy balance of practicality and free flowing imagination. You may discover that there is quite a bit of truth to be learned from a creative fantasy.

Tomorrow's horoscope

today you might be feeling a bit anxious for having some time for yourself, with no chores to tackle. You may want to try something you've never done before, exploring some aspect of your creativity that, until now, has been stifled by "more serious things." Great! Why fight it? You may discover you have a talent for something you've never even thought about before. Just hang in there a little while longer. If you are determined you will find the time to explore.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 11 to November 17

Life:Avoid signing anything between November 15 and 18. Also keep an eye on your accounts between these dates.  Some bad-intentioned people could try to scam you out of your money without your knowledge.

Love: Venus will step on the accelerator for your love life from Saturday. You’ll be well served wherever you are, as you’ll captivate your audience. Try to accept compliments simply and graciously and take pleasure from life.

Is love in the air for your zodiac sign?

Here are your free predictions for the month of November

Love: Venus will help accelerate your love life from the 17th. You will have no need to complain as blues aren’t on the horizon for you! Wherever you are, you’ll captivate your audience. Know how to take compliments well.

Life: A lucrative contract could come your way. In this case, you won’t mess around with your promises and you’ll commit yourself to the long-term. However, refrain from signing anything serious between the 15th and the 20th.

Bonus: Jupiter will actualize all your wishes as a couple.

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