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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - January 15

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Your unconscious mind is very active today, perhaps releasing old traumas from the past. Memories from long ago could come pouring into your mind as though floodgates were just opened. Many of them won't be pleasant. This is nonetheless good; you're releasing obstacles that these memories have caused. By the end of the day you may feel so much lighter it'll be like walking on the moon! Make the most of it!Who is your ideal partner? Our advisors have the answer for you!

Your love horoscope

You'll probably be in a hard-working frame of mind today, but this will be tempered by a need for adventure in your life. Adventures come in many forms, and you can probably satisfy this requirement by arranging to take your partner out to a new restaurant, or your family to a movie tonight. If you're single, why not call up a friend and shoot some pool or play some darts?

Your career horoscope

You're unlikely to obtain full satisfaction from the day ahead, especially if you're in a hurry to make progress with your life. At work, you can expect setbacks, which might come in the form of criticism from outside, delays, or perhaps even a deal that falls through. You'll have to be clever and diplomatic. Put your tap shoes on and begin the fancy footwork necessary to limit the damage.

Your finance horoscope

For two months now, you have felt that things have been accelerating in your professional life. If you have started up some projects they may have developed faster than you anticipated and may even have gotten a bit out of control. Today should allow you to distinguish more clearly what you have set up so far, and you may be in for some surprises...

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you might find yourself responding to a sudden sense of inspiration which arouses your creative instincts. You may feel an unexpected urge to write, paint, draw, or compose some music. You might want to sequester yourself away from everyone - which could cause some problems with friends and family members who want to spend time with you. Don't ignore this impetus though. As you well know, inspiration can vanish as quickly as it comes.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Today's planetary energies are emphasizing new beginnings. This will be a partivularly good day for you to meet new people. Try not to pretend to be something that you aren't, thinking of conversation or witty things to say ahead of time. Just be your usual spontaneous self. Someone that you meet today will be attracted to this joyful spontaneity.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 13 to January 19

Life: The stars will flatter you on a professional level, given that you respond to Saturn’s demand – show a degree of discipline. Work!

Love: This week will be conducive to personal progress and will see you show an openness to new people and ideas. The stars will increase your self-confidence and lower your emotional guard so that you can go and make your mark!

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: Romance will be in full swing in your love life. The stars will bestow you with an emotional safety net which will prevent you from your self-depreciative tendencies.

Life: You won’t lack the self-confidence to launch your carrier in the middle of the month. Your efforts will bear fruit and your conviction will attract success. The world will be at your feet, at last!

Bonus: Everything will push you to surpass yourself.

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