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Pisces: Your daily horoscope - March 22

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You could spend time with one of your sweet friends. You have friends of widely varying nature and personality. Some of your pals are more aggressive and determined. Other buddies are more easygoing. Today you'll be drawn to someone who is compassionate and understanding. This person could offer you some unique insights into a personal situation that is causing you some confusion. Don't be afraid to open up to them about this.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

The hard work and detail-oriented planning you have done lately is really starting to pay off. The key today is to maintain your sensitivity and look to where you can be of service to others. The nurturing side of you is feeling the need to express itself in a helpful manner. Follow your heart today and be respectful of your emotions. The thing you need to be most aware of is to not overextend yourself too much.

Your career horoscope

An absolutely fabulous career break could finally come your way today. This could be a raise or promotion, or perhaps even an entirely new job in a totally new field. It could also involve a completely different location! The work you'll be doing is apt to be unlike anything else you've ever done, and that's a challenge. But don't worry! Change is necessary if we are to reach our maximum potential as human beings. Go with the flow.

Your finance horoscope

Try to have confidence in your ideas today. Sometimes insights come to you in a sudden flash of light, but you don't trust your own judgment enough. Today you could come up with a solution to an important problem that has been bothering you for some time. You're the person with the magic key that will open the door in this situation. So dare to speak up and let others in on your plan!

Your wellbeing horoscope

In a room full of tango dancers you may just want to slowly enjoy the music with your partner. Today's aspects will leave you with an increased sensuality and sensitivity, making it likely that you'll be more in the mood to slowly explore your partner than go wild on the dining room table. This warmth will be as exciting for both of you as an evening of passion.

Tomorrow's horoscope

The truth you tell today might hurt someone so you'll have to choose carefully what you say. Your concern for people's feelings is genuine but your honesty is equally important to you and even a little lie has a profoundly negative effect on your own self-image. And you'd probably be more comfortable getting caught in a stalled car in front of an oncoming train than get caught in a lie. Perhaps it would help to remember that your honesty stems from your concern for others and, all other things being equal, is probably more important to you.

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Life: You can expect some hiccups this week and it’s likely that things won’t go to plan, but try to roll with it. The stress will get to you, but you’ll definitely feel more relaxed and at ease towards the end of the week.

Love: Overreacting will be your downfall this week and could cause serious drama with your partner. You are likely to take everything badly and turn molehills into mountains. If you are single, take your time and avoid rushing into relationships.

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Love: You’ll be on a completely different page to your partner this March and will have trouble communicating your feelings. Feeling misunderstood will leave frustrated and even a little bit agitated.

Life: The influence of Saturn and Pluto will help you make courageous decisions and move forward along your path. Use your organizational skills to put your ideas in place and watch the success roll in.

Astro bonus: It could be time for you to change careers.

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