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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - May 27

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Today is the day to rethink all those social values that you take at face value. Like the rest of us, you learned them from a young age and accepted them unthinkingly. Established concepts of propriety are especially deserving of consideration. After hearing for years about all those things that "just aren't done," isn't it refreshing to think that maybe they should be done after all?Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

Your love horoscope

If you've been wanting to look for a better house in a better neighborhood, today might mark the beginning of a new era when you can actually move on it. It might be a good idea to curb your enthusiasm a little, however. Don't feel you have to take the first thing you see. When you find the right place, you'll probably know it immediately. Love at first sight doesn't always apply just to people, you know! Have fun looking!

Your career horoscope

Attend to every detail and you'll find that things work out well for you, and that your personality is fitting in with every situation you're in. People are happy to welcome your energy to the group. Even the most menial tasks can be done with a smile, thanks to your positive attitude and stable emotions. If you need to ask for a favor from someone, this is the day to do it.

Your finance horoscope

Your intuition is likely to be operating at a very high level today, particularly where money is concerned. You're apt to sense the right direction to go in, and to know instinctively how to get there. Others may seek your advice because of your innate logic, but your intuition will be of more help to them at this time. Writing down your thoughts and feelings might assist you to be more focused.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Both your problem solving and your people skills should be at their peak. What this means for you is that you should be prepared to be approached by friends or family in need of some helpful advice and that if you are approached that you will have little difficulty coming up with a solution that they will be happy with. This should be a very warm and satisfying day for you.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Your adaptable nature will be put to the test as the earth seems to rumble beneath you. Try to go with the flow, but remember that you do indeed have fins with which to steer. You can float down the river freely, but don't think that this means you have to give up all control, either. You have the power of choice, so use it. Take an active role in the events of the day; otherwise you might as well just stay in bed.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from May 24 to May 30

Life: Are you feeling a little down and lost? Mars will support your hopes and dreams this week as well as help you look towards the future. You are one of life’s fighters and nothing can ever hold you down for too long.

Love: Venus and Jupiter will encourage you to let loose this week and forget about all of your problems. If you are in a relationship, you’ll be happier than ever and will want to spend all of your time with your partner. Single? Unleash your seductive side.

Is love in the air for your zodiac sign?Here are your free predictions for the month of May

Love Horoscope

At the start of the month, you’ll be in a seductive mood. Encounters will stimulate and excite you. From the 13th, Venus will lead you to take stock of your emotional situation, to settle down, or to take a step back to analyze your feelings with more objectivity!  

Career Horoscope

During the first week of the month, your mental alertness and intellectual curiosity will be increased. You feel like touching everything, learning new techniques and deepening your knowledge. From the 11th, Saturn calls you to order and imposes rigor, so that you don’t lose sight of your goals! Financially, you pull yourself together.

Well-being Horoscope

You're a little on edge at the beginning of the month, you want to live a thousand things at once, in a slightly chaotic way. Then, you manage to relax and channel your energy better.

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