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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - January 22

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You may be finding it hard to admit to yourself that you can't do everything. There are some jobs that you simply aren't cut out to do. Why pretend that you should take on another responsibility when a better option would be to delegate this task to someone else? If you don't automatically feel a strong connection with something or someone, then don't force it. Pretending that you are capable of something that you are not will only cause frustration for yourself and everyone around you.Our amazing advisors are here to help you through!

Your love horoscope

A reunion with a family member who has been away or out of touch for awhile could generate some pretty powerful emotions. Memories from the past could come flowing back into your mind, making you both nostalgic and a bit angry. Take care to curb the latter. You don't want to spoil your reunion. Instead, take a good long objective look at these memories and try to puzzle out what they mean to you now. Then let them go.

Your career horoscope

Pivotal career matters may need to be thought through today. A lot could be at stake at work next week, and whatever tasks you need to take care of could well require a lot of effort and concentration. There is a danger of sinking into a gloomy mood over this, but try to avoid this trap. Whatever it is you're hoping to accomplish, you probably will, so hang on to that thought. Go to it!

Your finance horoscope

Right now you could be thinking about domestic matters. Maybe your house is driving you a little crazy. Consider making a lists of all the things you want to get done. Maybe it's time to do some serious cleaning. Or it could be good to get all of your bills and papers organized. It's time to stop putting it off-You'll feel much better after having taken care of all of this!

Your wellbeing horoscope

You are in the mood to try something new and different. Dinner and a movie every once in a while is just not going to cut it for you anymore. Why not buy tickets for the symphony or the theater? This restlessness you're feeling could be symptomatic of a larger issue. Could it be that you are ready for a change of job, or perhaps even a change of mate? These are scary thoughts, but ones that need consideration.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Once you stop dreaming about having "super powers" you will feel a lot better. You are not a super hero and you never were. For that matter, no one is. On the other hand, you surely have capacities that you have exploited in the past, but now you seem persuaded that they are of no interest. It is time to rethink this issue.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 20 to January 26

Life: Your life won’t be calming at all but you’ll be able to handle it. The key is to move forward step by step and navigate around the pitfalls.

Love: These days you’ll feel like spreading your wings, therefore you should enjoy a harmonious and happy relationship. The idea of tying the knot may play on your mind if it hasn’t already been done … Singles, this period is conducive to some important encounters.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: From January 20, you’ll feel like you’ve grown wings as you enjoy harmonious life as a couple. There may be urges to tie the not if you haven’t done so already. Singles, love is in the air!

Life: Under the direction of Saturn and Jupiter, you’ll produce some work of incredible quality but your efficiency and energy levels will eventually falter.

Bonus: A friendly or romantic encounter will make your day!

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