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Taurus: Your daily horoscope - June 14

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Today you could be very empathetic. You could find yourself reading other people like a book! You'll know what someone is feeling or thinking before they even say a word. Try to put this ability to good use. You might be able to offer someone comfort because you will be attuned to their needs. You could offer some encouraging words or some light, social distraction to brighten their day.Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here!

Your love horoscope

This could be a day when your family seems especially important to you. Taurus men have big hearts, and you are no exception. Your loved ones hold a special place in your feelings, and right now you might need their support and their company. You could decide to open up to someone about some stress that you have been under. Trust this person to offer comfort and nurturing, and you'll soon feel better.

Your career horoscope

Your freedom of expression may feel very important to you today. If you get the feeling that someone is stepping on your toes or moving in on your territory, you may find yourself acting very defensive. You take pride in your ideas and your work, and this is a natural feeling, but be mindful that you don't become so protective of your creations that you ignore what may only be constructive criticism.

Your finance horoscope

This could prove a busy day for you on all levels. Professionally, you could attend a lot of meetings in which you receive a lot of useful information. Socially, you may attend at least one party, or perhaps just meet with a group of friends for drinks or dinner. On this occasion, you're apt to find the banter and camaraderie shared by people you care for not only stimulating, but relaxing as well. Enjoy your day.

Your wellbeing horoscope

One quick phone call to a friend may turn into an hour-long discussion about the meaning of life. Be conscious of the fact that there is a great deal of momentum building in your mind at this time, and that once the dam is opened, you may soon have a gigantic flood on your hands. Be careful of releasing all this energy at once, even though you may not seem to have any other choice.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Remember, that you can only remain queen of the forest as long as the other animals around you are in support of your personality and leadership abilities. Avoid mutiny by taking care of the people in your world, instead of simply trying to rule their lives. Gain respect from others with kind words and a sensitive attitude, instead of by enforcing harsh rules and regulations that restrict and aggravate.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from June 13 to June 12

Life: Are you feeling a little down and lost? Mars will support your hopes and dreams this week as well as help you look towards the future. You are one of life’s fighters and nothing can ever hold you down for too long.

Love: Venus and Jupiter will encourage you to let loose this week and forget about all of your problems. If you are in a relationship, you’ll be happier than ever and will want to spend all of your time with your partner. Single? Unleash your seductive side.

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Your heart is tender and your feelings are quite idealistic. You are especially comfortable in intimate relationships and appreciate simple moments with your family or alone time with your partner. If you are single, you seek delicate attentions, and someone could offer them to you during the first fortnight.


You are moving forward little by little, two steps forward and one step back. Until the 21st, be careful with Mercury retrograde, which could bring you problems with your finances, such as a forgotten bill that has increased, or an unexpected fine...  Also avoid signing a contract and always remember to read between the lines.


In the second half of the month, your ardor is somewhat impetuous, which can lead you to becoming careless. Above all, take time to live, as you tend to overwork yourself. In your free time, opt for walks outside because you need to disconnect.

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