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10 colors for painting your small room wall

Homify logo Homify 24/3/2020 Rita Deo

With the summer fast approaching we know how uncomfortable small rooms can become specifically if they are in close-knit neighborhoods with limited tree cover. The claustrophobic feeling can get exacerbated if your walls are too bright and colorful or just dull and colorless. To give new life to the walls, you can use interesting touches with wallpaper, photos, pictures paint and other details to create soothing atmosphere. Walls speak with colors and can instill a feeling of calming harmony with various painting techniques and can transform the home's atmosphere. Our experienced painters have shared some attractive wall decoration ideas to turn your abode into a charming haven of peace and blissful calm so your summer goes by in a breeze of fresh air. Do browse these creations and tell us what you think!!

1. Soothing calm of Scandinavian bedroom

a large white bed in a room: 1. Soothing calm of Scandinavian bedroom © homify / Hatch Interior Studio Sdn Bhd 1. Soothing calm of Scandinavian bedroom

The all white bedroom with a wooden floor is the perfect wall color idea combining cool and warm tones. The crisp white bed linen, sheer white curtains and white storage shelves allow the colorful art and decor pieces on the shelves to make an striking impact against the background. Soothing lights embedded into the false ceiling enhance the atmosphere of blissful calm.

2. Lively walls

a living room filled with furniture and a red chair: 2. Lively walls © homify / Hatch Interior Studio Sdn Bhd 2. Lively walls

Let us introduce you to walls that would like to converse with residents at all levels. Stairways connecting different levels in the house usually are the most neglected areas but here the background wall has been given amazing wall colors which automatically attract the viewer. The patterns and mix of light and dark tones are in perfect harmony while the wrought iron railing add to its beauty. The landscape picture on the upper landing completes the picture.

3. Monochrome living room

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: 3. Monochrome living room © homify / Bien Interiors Sdn Bhd 3. Monochrome living room

Interior decorators know that neutral colors enhance confined spaces and make them appear wide and open and a sample of this is visible in this modern living room here. The use of select neutral colors here allows the room to be divided into multiple layers. All you have to do is to choose the right colors for the area so that colors are accommodated harmoniously.

4. Harmonious blue

a kitchen with a sink and a window: 4. Harmonious blue © homify / YL Modernize Home Enterprise 4. Harmonious blue

Blue color will remain trendy in all its various hues throughout the year and can be used in every room. Here in combination with grey and white blue walls reflect the essence of cool summer nights and hot sunny days.

5. Autumn yellow

a kitchen with a stove a sink and a microwave: 5. Autumn yellow © homify / MZH Design 5. Autumn yellow

Last year there was a strong trend towards autumn colors such as orange, beige and yellow which were welcomed by all. It also means that homeowners can use these colors to enhance walls of every part of their house be it kitchen walls or cabinets and storage areas.

6. Touch of rustic elements

a traffic light hanging from the ceiling: 6. Touch of rustic elements © homify / Lighthouse Architect Indonesia 6. Touch of rustic elements

In a house every wall says something about its inhabitants be it through bright colors, wall decor, colorful, tiles or with rocky chips for a rustic look. The staircase landing here adorned with stone chips forms a strong and stylish wall design that contribute to making the region modern and beautiful.

7. Soothing mint that pleases the eye

a view of a kitchen next to a window: 7. Soothing mint that pleases the eye © homify / Design Spirits 7. Soothing mint that pleases the eye

Humans are closely associated with nature and decorators Design Spirits have brought a bit bit of indoors with wall and roof textures and turning them into soft moss color. The warm brown wooden trims along the ceiling and landing area makes the region even more beautiful. The green and brown color tones and sheer glass facade give a panoramic view of the garden outside.

8. Colorful media room

a view of a living room: 8. Colorful media room © homify / Design Intervention 8. Colorful media room

Industrial style decoration has made grey color popular among interior decorators and is increasingly being used for walls and furniture. Multiple colors on the walls here have been presented in this media room with muted furniture tones and colorful curtains that come together in a harmonious mixture. How knew that contrasting hues like blue, yellow, pink, grey and white would make such an enchanting picture?

9. A stylish shade of green

a room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv: 9. A stylish shade of green © homify / Summerhaus D 9. A stylish shade of green

If you were in doubt about green then this eclectic wall color design should be able to banish all your doubts and compel you to paint walls with this color. The use of this combination in the home office generates harmony throughout while the other details keep pace.

10. Warm yellow

a dining room table: 10. Warm yellow © homify / inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD 10. Warm yellow

Though yellow is regarded as an autumn color it brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere to this study cum hobby room. You have to be careful to choose the right shade of yellow like here where two different tones of yellow have been used to make a soothing atmosphere for study and work that make a harmonious partnership with decorations and furniture too. Pastel yellow tones with airbrush strokes are ideal for creating wistful environment.

If you want to look beyond ordinary paint for decorating walls then explore these decorative ideas for walls.

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