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11 simple ways to tidy up your living room

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The cleanliness and hygiene of your living room can speak volumes about your housekeeping habits. This space is frequented by many – from passing acquaintances to close friends. A tidy space instantly creates an impression on the minds of those who come to visit you, even if only for a brief while. 

On festive occasions this space turns into a small party zone. In order to build a fashionable living room, you must first look for ways to tidy up this area. Today we will share with you a few simple tips - you won't believe how easy it can be!

Have nothing in your house that…

homify / Markham Stagers: modern Living room by Markham Stagers © homify / Markham Stagers modern Living room by Markham Stagers

Remember the famous words of William Morris, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” See how Markham Stagers followed this mantra to stylise the interior of this small apartment. You too can follow the same advice and create an utterly stylish and tidy living room.

Organise your magazines and newspapers

homify / Ruche shelving unit: modern Living room by Ruche shelving unit © homify / Ruche shelving unit modern Living room by Ruche shelving unit

A bookcase or organiser like this helps you to store away your newspaper and magazines in a clean and uncluttered manner. Instead of a shelving unit, the storage space of your couch or coffee table – if they have any – can serve this purpose too.

Know what to keep where

homify / E2 Architecture + Interiors: modern Living room by E2 Architecture + Interiors © homify / E2 Architecture + Interiors modern Living room by E2 Architecture + Interiors

Thanks largely to the sofa tucked in the corner, trendy but simple chairs and coffee table, this living room manages to free up lot of space and create an expansive interior.  

Though this sounds fairly simple, in actuality it is not so. To create a comfortable home, one needs to learn the fine art of what to keep where and apply it in the interiors.

Sort out your TV cabinet

homify / Elfa Deutschland GmbH: scandinavian Living room by Elfa Deutschland GmbH © homify / Elfa Deutschland GmbH scandinavian Living room by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Invest in a TV cabinet capable of efficiently managing all your electronic items without creating any further clutter. Elfa Deutschland Gmbh combined the TV cabinet with the bookshelf and hid it behind the sliding doors … turns out to be a fine way of maintaining a tidy living room.

Baskets and boxes are your friends

homify / The Cotswold Company: country Living room by The Cotswold Company © homify / The Cotswold Company country Living room by The Cotswold Company

Know that baskets and boxes are your friends. With a drawer chest like this, where baskets replace the drawers, you can easily tuck in the small items scattered all over the room. If you have young children at home, you will particularly find these baskets and boxes to be very useful.

Tidy up the electrical cords

homify / 1-2-3 Verkauft: Houses by 1-2-3 Verkauft © homify / 1-2-3 Verkauft Houses by 1-2-3 Verkauft

Electrical cords, crawling all over the space, pose a big threat to your living room décor. Tying them up with velcro tapes, threads or insulated cable covers can give them a neat appearance. Using casings or hidden conduit is a more effective and long term solution for this problem.

Clean up the coffee table


coffee table top covered with stains of tea cups, yesterday’s newspaper and unread mails do not help to maintain an attractive living room ambience. Cleaning this up is one of the fastest ways of the refreshing the interior of your lounge area.

Remember, the Japanese methodology of fives - sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain - works in our homes too. We just need to start applying them and see the results of our labour.

Take care of the walls

homify / Home Deco Decoración: mediterranean Living room by Home Deco Decoración © homify / Home Deco Decoración mediterranean Living room by Home Deco Decoración

A trendy living room deserves a tidy wall décor. A feature wall decked out with one or two prominent photographs or paintings is enough. A framed mirror, tapestry or other wall arts of similar nature can beautify the space too. But too many artworks or images only increase the feeling of stuffiness, especially in a small living room.

Furniture with storage

homify / My Italian Living: modern Living room by My Italian Living © homify / My Italian Living modern Living room by My Italian Living

If lack of storage is preventing you from tidying up your living room, it is time for you to invest in furniture with storage units. Sofa beds, ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage can easily help you to sort out the headache of effectively decluttering your living room.

Clean up the shelves and display cabinets

homify / Anna & Eugeni Bach: Living room by Anna & Eugeni Bach © homify / Anna & Eugeni Bach Living room by Anna & Eugeni Bach

A clean and properly organised bookcase or display cabinet enormously helps to improve the beauty of a living room. If you are not sure at the efficacy of this, have a look at the welcoming interior of this living room designed by Anna and Eugeni Bach.

House plants for a dust free environment

homify / RSRG Arquitetos: minimalistic Living room by RSRG Arquitetos © homify / RSRG Arquitetos minimalistic Living room by RSRG Arquitetos

So you have already got yourself busy in tidying up your living room. But what are you doing to ensure a clean and healthy interior environment? Bring home potted plants like golden pothos, English ivy, peace lily, vanda and a variety of ferns. Their presence can ensure a healthy atmosphere at home. 

Many of them have moisture absorbing capabilities too. This proves to be an added boon for Malaysian homes. You can take inspirations from this apartment and create a modish living room using green plants.

Once you start practicing these steps, you will no longer have to be embarrassed about the tidiness of your living room. Be assured, that your living room décor will be the envy of all your friends!

Up next: Find out some interesting tips of decorating your living room according to your star sign.

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