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Can music really change the way your food tastes?

StarsInsider logo StarsInsider 6 days ago Stars Insider
One Swiss cheesemaker thinks so: Can music really change the way your food tastes? © iStock Can music really change the way your food tastes?

A Swiss cheesemaker is playing rock, techno, classical, and hip-hop music to his Emmental to see if it'll make his cheese taste better.

The experiment, which has been going on since September and is to be tested in the new year, is being conducted alongside researchers from Bern University of the Arts. It's titled 'Sonic cheese: experience between sound and gastronomy.'

Cheesemaker Beat Wampfler is convinced that his experiment won't be for naught, even though there is no evidence indicating that music can actually make a difference in cheese taste. He strongly believes that it isn't just humidity, temperature or nutrients that influence taste—it's sound waves too.

This experiment is linked to the field of sonochemistry, where ultrasound is used to alter chemical reactions. It also looks at the effect of sound on solid bodies.

What's Wampfler hoping for? 

"I hope that the hip-hop cheese will be the best," he told AFP.

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