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Can you overdo sheet masks?

Reworld Media Asia 21/2/2018 Engracia Ang
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Whenever we have a big event or an important daycoming up, we will always slap on a sheet mask the night before.It’s our trusty little beauty secret that keeps us looking radiant,glowy, and fresh. Sheet masks are great for our skin, that much weknow, but is it possible to OD on it?

Generally, sheet mask instructions say to leave it onfor 20-30 minutes, then massaging any remaining essence into yourskin. However, if you’re a regular visitor of r/AsianBeauty on Reddit, you’relikely familiar with the concept of using a rubber mask cover overyour sheet mask and leaving it on for hours on end. In theory, itsounds like a good idea — the longer you leave your mask on, themore your skin can absorb the nutrients, right? That’s where you’rewrong.

Since sheet masks are occlusive, it not only trapsserums and essences — it also traps bacteria and other nasty gunkand holds it close to your skin. If your skin is particularlysensitive or

prone to acne

, that can lead topotential breakouts. Furthermore, if you’re not using a rubber maskcover, the water content from the sheet mask will eventuallyevaporate and dry up. When that happens, reverse osmosis can happenand moisture from your skin is drawn back into the

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