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How can i overcome the lack of storage in my small flat?

Homify logo Homify 16/2/2017 Will Sayner

 Finding enough storage space in our homes is always difficult. Unless you’ve opted for stark, minimalist aesthetic then the house isn’t really complete without the necessary accents and furnishings that give it its own personality and character. Then of course there are possessions such as books, musical instruments and sports equipment that are cherished, but often difficult to find a place for.

 The problem is particularly acute for those of us with small apartments, so to lend a helping hand we’ve put together a guide to overcoming the lack of storage in small flats. Let’s get started…

1. Under-floor storage

 If you have height in your apartment but not floor space, then you could think about installing some under-floor storage. This will drastically increase your storage space, but bear in mind this solution will only be practical in rooms with minimal furnishings.

2. Don’t waste the bed’s storage potential

homify / JOHANENLIES: country Bedroom by JOHANENLIES © homify / JOHANENLIES country Bedroom by JOHANENLIES

 No matter how small your bedroom, you’re going to have a reasonably sized bed  – we hope – so if you’re struggling for storage space, why not capitalise on all that space underneath the bed? A bed with built in storage, like the beautiful rustic bed above by furniture and accessories company Johanenlies, will drastically increase your bedroom’s storage without infringing on space. Built in storage is probably the better option, but storage boxes neatly placed underneath the bed will do the trick too.

3. Get creative

 OK this is a little vague, but if you have limited space in your apartment you’re going to have to come up with some less conventional ways to incorporate storage. Converting anything you don’t need could be the solution you’re looking for, like the ingenious fireplace-turned shelving above.

4. A step in the right direction

 The space under the stairs so often goes to waste, but with some custom fitted cabinetry it can be transformed into an excellent storage solution.

5. Simple but effective storage

 When it comes to creating clothes storage the humble coat hook can go a long way towards solving the problem. Granted you can’t store all your clothes this way, but this easy to install solution can provide a handy hanging place for hats and coats that clutter up the place.

6. Aim high

 Wall mounted shelving is a cheap and easy to install means of increasing storage in virtually any room, plus if you hang the shelves above head height you won’t infringe upon the space.

7. Don’t cut corners

 If you’re struggling to find space in your petit property then it may be as much about how the space is used as it is about the available area. Storage solutions that don’t fit together well can actually hinder rather than help, so invest in clever corner cupboards that make use of all the available space.

 For more crafty corner storage solutions check out our guide to using a corner as storage space.

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