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How To Add A Secret Room To Your House WITHOUT "Blowing Your Budget" logo 7/12/2018 Kuscera

Secret rooms serve many purposes. It can be a safe haven/safe room, store room or a fun and cozy hidden private space. More and more people are looking to have secret rooms built into their homes.

The mystery and privacy a secret room offers is enough to attract any homeowner to want one. Here are a few ways to add a secret room to your home without blowing your budget.

Plan a Budget and Stick to it

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Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Always make decisions early on and incorporate them into your secret room plans. Last minute changes and decisions will cause delays. Decisions made should consider long-term effects more as opposed to short term.

Make sure you account for contingencies and unexpected costs in the initial budget. You're more likely to stick to your budget when you've planned it well.

When planning the secret room, decide on a cost-saving theme like minimalism. Lean away from opulence or extravagance in your theme.

Be Resourceful, Use Existing Rooms

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You don’t need to be so invasive by overhauling your home for a secret room. Instead, transform any existing room into your secret room. You can do this by partitioning and concealing it off with a secret passageway.

Or, make smart use of already hidden spaces in your home. Try using closets, storerooms, the space under staircases or your basement. Easily repurpose these small existing spacesto serve multi-purpose. This way you use space that was previously unused, more efficiently.

DIY your Secret Room

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Why not do it yourself? Tackle this project in your spare time. Do not hire a contractor to do it as they tend to overcharge. Instead, learn from handy books, DIY books or Youtube tutorials. You would surprise yourself with the vast world of DIY info on the net.  Be open to learning something new and see what you can do.

Labor costs factor a lot of additional charges too. Hiring someone means having to pay them per hour regardless of their skill level. So, serve as your own labor or get a friend to help you. If you’re a parent, get your kids to help you out. This can be a great opportunity to improve your relationship with your helping hand.

Another way to save by doing things yourself is to pick up your own materials. This allows savings in delivery and service charges. This can also avoid wrong delivery issues.

Avoid Demolition and Reconstruction

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Stay away from demolition and reconstruction work wherever possible. Only opt for simple transformations and small renovation work in adding your secret room. Adding a secret room is possible without invasive methods.

At all costs, limit wall treatment. Do not tear walls down because you could be tearing a major support wall. Accidentally tearing one down may require the need to erect new support walls or beams. So, this would incur a lot of additional costs in your secret room project.

Maintain your home’s footprint and size. Do not add extensions because this incurs great additional cost. Always better toincrease efficiency, not size.

Reuse Materials or Use Reclaimed Materials

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One way to save on cost is to buy more affordable recycled or reclaimed materials for your secret room. Always opt for refurbished or reclaimed materials and products.

Where possible, look into sourcing recycled or lightly used fixtures and materials. These are easily source-able from resale shops for a bargain.

Always try to use existing furniture instead of buying new. This is a great way to reuse and repurpose your old furniture. This way old furniture can serve multi-purpose. Use it for decorative purposes or transform them for a different use. One example is to use an old mirror or big painting to conceal the passageway to your secret room. Custom made concealed doors are very expensive.

Wherever possible, do repair work. It incurs great savings compared to buying something new. It also allows reuse and eliminates the need to buy newer, more expensive items.

Finance your Secret Room with Cash

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Plan your budget based on money you already have in your savings. Never put it on credit or take a loan to finance your secret room project. When you limit your spending, you're less likely to overspend. You will make wiser spending decisions and be stricter while spending. You will also take more time to weigh out your spending decisions.

Besides that, you won’t build up debt. When you borrow or use credit, you have to pay more. Using cash and money you saved avoids the need to pay interest.

Always Opt for the Less Expensive Route

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Opt for a cheaper alternative wherever possible. Consider knockoffsor lookalikes that are cheaper. Sometimes, cheaper alternatives do not mean you compromise with quality. The variety of cheaper options available would surprise you. It's easy to find more options with research.

One very easy way to buy less expensive is to avoid boutique furniture stores. Instead, go for bargain places like IKEA, mid-range furniture stores, used furniture stores or thrift stores.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to order online from places like Shopee or Lazada. The deals they have online would surprise you. For extra savings, make it a point to shop on sales.

Are you convinced yet? A secret room no longer seems like a fantasy now. Looking to make a safe room, a hidden storeroom or just want a very private space? Use these tips to make a secret room without breaking your budget.

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