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How to magically reset your home in just 15 minutes

Homify logo Homify 20/3/2017 Amy Buxton

Did you know that with just 15 minutes in the morning, you could reset your home to a neat and organised state that you will love returning to after a long day at work? Well, you can! 

You don't need to commit to a heavy-duty cleaning schedule that would make even professional cleaners baulk. Instead, some simple yet effective steps will maintain a fresh, ready-to-enjoy home that is a pleasure to spend time in - and we are going to show you how! Take a look at these tips and see if you can settle into a 15 minute routine every morning!

1. Put coats and shoes away.

homify / Jolanda Knook interieurvormgeving: modern Corridor, hallway & stairs by Jolanda Knook interieurvormgeving © homify / Jolanda Knook interieurvormgeving modern Corridor, hallway & stairs by Jolanda Knook interieurvormgeving

If you have any clutter in your hallway, it will bring you down as soon as you step through the door! Spend a couple of minutes just popping any shoes, coats and bags into a closet and enjoy a tidy, fresh welcome home every day.

2. Open up your windows.

homify / studioarte: minimalistic Kitchen by studioarte © homify / studioarte minimalistic Kitchen by studioarte

Before you start to get ready in the morning, take a moment to open up a few windows, as the quick blast of fresh air will instantly reset your home and keep it feeling cool and airy all day. It's a great way to banish lingering cooking smells from the night before as well!

3. Plump the sofa and put textiles back in their place.

homify / Perfect Home Interiors: modern Bedroom by Perfect Home Interiors © homify / Perfect Home Interiors modern Bedroom by Perfect Home Interiors

Nobody likes tidying the sofa before bed, but if you do it before you leave for work, it will be ready and waiting for you when you get home, like an old, comfortable friend! Get your seat pads pummelled, cushions lined up and throws on the arms and you'll be delighted when you get home.

4. Make your bed!

homify / Maqet: scandinavian Bedroom by Maqet © homify / Maqet scandinavian Bedroom by Maqet

If you aren't already in the habit of making your bed every morning, now is the time! Nothing feels nicer or more relaxing than sliding into smooth sheets and a well aerated duvet after a long day and it only takes a few seconds to shake out the duvet and rearrange some pillows!

5. Put all the toys away.

homify / Paker Mimarlık: modern Nursery/kid’s room by Paker Mimarlık © homify / Paker Mimarlık modern Nursery/kid’s room by Paker Mimarlık

If you have little ones, you'll know how quickly their toys can make a mess of your otherwise neat home! Spend a few minutes scouring the floors for any discarded play things and pop them away in their relevant boxes, to avoid trip hazards and grumpy children who can't find something they want!

6. Give the bathroom a quick spritz.

homify / MRS—Interior Design & Real Estate Image Consulting: modern Bathroom by MRS - Interior Design & Real Estate Image Consulting © homify / MRS—Interior Design & Real Estate Image Consulting modern Bathroom by MRS - Interior Design & Real Estate Image Consulting

You don't need to clean your bathroom every day, as some simple shower spray will work wonders! When you've finished with your morning ablutions, give your glass screens a quick spray and leave it to work its magic for a streak-free finish and a fresh-smelling space!

7. Sweep the floors.

homify / brush64: Household by brush64 © homify / brush64 Household by brush64

Last, but not least, give your floors a quick sweep, to prevent a build up of dust, debris and hair. It won't take long, but your home will look fresh as a daisy, even after you've been out all day!

For more handy cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 reasons why keeping the house tidy can change your life.

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