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How to remove eyelash extensions by yourself

Reworld Media Asia 13/9/2017 Engracia Ang
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The first two weeks after getting a fresh set of eyelashextensions are always the best—your lashes are flutter and light,and everything looks great. However, things often start to getgnarly and messy once you’ve passed the three-week mark. That’sideally when you should pay another visit to the salon for atouch-up or to get them removed. However, if you’re unable to do sofor some reason or another, don’t despair. It’s actually possibleto remove your eyelash extensions safelywithout ripping your own natural lashes off!

First, make sure that your immediate eye area is clean and freeof makeup. Then, lean over a bowl of hot water and drape a towelover the back of your head. Let the hot steam from the water loosenyour eyelash extensions. Steam your face for at least 10 minutes.When the time is up, moisten a cotton ball with plenty of oliveoil, then wipe it across your lashes. Oil breaks down the glue usedto attach the extensions to your natural lashes, which is whyeyelash technicians often adviseclients not to use oil-based makeup removers and products. Continueto wipe your lashes (gently!) until the extensions fall off. Becareful not to get any oil into your eyes. Then, cleanse the areato get rid of any oil residue.

If your eyelash extensions still refuse to budge, you shoulddefinitely get a professional to...

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