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Man documents the ghost haunting his apartment online

Now To Love logo Now To Love 14/11/2017 Holly Royce

a blurry image of a building: Pictures from Adam's Twitter account. © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Pictures from Adam's Twitter account. In early August Adam Ellis started documenting mysterious events taking place in his apartment.

"So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me," reads the very first tweet from Adam about the haunting.

Adam Ellis is an illustrator/author based in New York. His quirky illustrations are popular online and he had a sizable online fan base before he started tweeting about the spooky events happening in his home AND he has made no attempt (that we are aware of) to profit off the story, which may see as validation for his ghostly tale.

This week Adam has managed to capture photographs of the ghost, because they are very dark we brightened them below so you can see more clearly.

People are petrified.

This is a story that has been unfolding online for a few months now.

After the first tweet, Adam began a detailed tweet thread of what had been happening. Rather than post each tweet, catch up on how it all started by watching the clip below.

© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd For those who don't have 1 minute to watch the clip (what on earth could be more important than a real-life child ghost haunting?), I'll summarise.

Adam is being haunted by a child ghost with a dented head called Dear David.

He knows this is who is haunting him because another ghost told him in a dream (trust me, it is spookier when you watch the video). He then moves into the apartment above his, where strange things start happening.

Firstly, his cats begin to act strangely - peering under the front door at midnight every night for two weeks.

Adam checks it out one night and thinks he sees movement on the other side of the peephole.

Adam decided to try recording the sound in his apartment while he's asleep. The recording picks up what is possibly a step and some strange electronic noises. He then tries to document the hallway through photography, when they fail to develop he is only left with more questions.

Then after dreaming about Dear David dragging him through an abandoned warehouse, Adam wakes up with a bruise on his arm.

Adam's cats began to gather at the door earlier, 10 pm instead of midnight and Adam's phone is bombarded every evening with strange calls from an unlisted number.

Stepping up his game, Adam then invests in a motion detector which picks up things moving on their own and being knocked off walls. He tweeted a few of the examples, such as the two below.

One tweet shows a chair rocking on its own, the other shows Adam's cat acting very, very strangely.

Now Adam is off to Japan for three weeks, happy to have a break from the apartment.

What will happen when he returns? Only time will tell.

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