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The secret to this man's 50kg weight loss

Now To Love logo Now To Love 21/2/2018 Holly Royce

Want to lose a few kilos? You're not alone.

As many as 72 per cent of Australian's think they need to shed a little weight.

It can be an overwhelming missing, with the market flooded with dieting books, plans and on-line programs all promising to help - not to mention getting the motivation to get started.

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That's why it's so refreshing when you see someone who has been there, lost the weight and is willing to share some of their wisdom and reflections with you.

Reddit user TheWildBear has one of the most popular before and after weight loss photos in the history of the site.

The inspiring title definitely helped build its extraordinary status online. The 25-year-old titled, "After years of false starts, broken self-promises, I finally did it and hit my weight loss goal. 122lb down as of yesterday!"

For those that don't convert, 122lb is a little over 50kg, in less than one year - no easy feat, no matter which way you look at it.

What triggered his extreme weight loss and healthy lifestyle change?

"It just felt like I'd reached a point where enough was enough," he explains on the forum website.

"Getting out of breath at the top of the stairs at 25 years old with nothing wrong with me except being fat was ridiculous."

"As I lost more weight, the better I felt, and that just acted as fuel for me to keep it up," the man revealed.

He also explained that making your daily exercise a realistic and enjoyable part of your life is a good way to get started.

"What really helped was getting into photography a little bit. It got me off the sofa and outdoors. First I was walking more and more then I did a 5K with some mates and started running after that. I use Myfitnesspal every day too so that's a big part of it. It really helps to enjoy the tracking of food and the type of exercise."

"I really do need to start weights. I think it's just that when I started I didn't expect to get to where I am now," he shared.

Well we're inspired, what about you?

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