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​10 Feng Shui tips to rid your home of bad energy

Homify logo Homify 22/9/2017 Johannes van Graan

A lot of people have resorted to the power of Feng Shui to banish negative vibes from their homes and lure promises of wealth and prosperity – so why not give it a try yourself? 

Interior designers from all over the globe have been using this belief system for countless years with some astonishing effects, even if it was just the interior style and visual aesthetics of those homes that received a boost. 

So, let’s take a look at what to do should you be on the lookout for more positive power in and around your house...

1. Remove all broken objects

homify / CC Construction: 客廳 by CC Construction © homify / CC Construction 客廳 by CC Construction

Make your home feel clear and energetic by conducting a quick stock take of all the broken things. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean wasting a whole lot of money on replacing things that could be repaired. In fact, if you do have the time, a lovingly repaired item could even add to the energy of the room by making you feel good each time you see it. The important thing to remember is that the smallest visual prompts of things to do will quietly drain your energy. So take some time out to either repair or throw them out!

2. Decrease your shopping power

homify / Will Eckersley: minimalistic Bedroom by Will Eckersley © homify / Will Eckersley minimalistic Bedroom by Will Eckersley

There is a Zen belief that the empty space in a space is crucially important. These are the spaces that you occupy with your thoughts and dreams. But when your home is cluttered with far too many physical objects, it deadens the energy in the home. So, get rid of unnecessary items and embrace a simpler way of life.

3. Increase the air circulation

homify / Hall + Bednarczyk Architects: The Nook: modern Living room by Hall + Bednarczyk Architects © homify / Hall + Bednarczyk Architects The Nook: modern Living room by Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

Feng Shui is an extremely practical body of thought and the benefits of fresh air are commonly cited. So do yourself (and your home) a favour and periodically throw open the windows to get fresh air circulating. This is particularly important to consider these days as many homes are built with materials that emit low levels of harmful toxins.

5. The power of peace lilies

homify / Appleyard London: Garden by Appleyard London © homify / Appleyard London Garden by Appleyard London

Peace lilies are proven to remove some toxins from the environment and, thus, freshen up the air. Plus they are beautiful and extremely resilient as well. That is why we recommend investing in a few peace lily houseplants TODAY.

4. A sprinkle of salt

© Bereitgestellt von Homify Online GmbH

Homes are containers for more than just our possessions, which is why it makes sense that there will be some remaining energy in the home from the previous residents. Feng Shui practitioners often say that you should sprinkle some salt in every corner of the room to absorb this energy. A couple of days later, just vacuum it all up and throw it away – what could be easier?

6. Reflect the light with mirrors

homify / Honeybee Interiors: eclectic Living room by Honeybee Interiors © homify / Honeybee Interiors eclectic Living room by Honeybee Interiors

Natural light is the fundamental energy source and mirrors can be used to harness that light. Thus, if you have a corner of a room that feels dead or neglected, try to set up a mirror or two to brighten up the space.

7. The bedroom

homify / The Lady Builder: modern Bedroom by The Lady Builder © homify / The Lady Builder modern Bedroom by The Lady Builder

One of the most important things you can do to make your home feel more energetic is to set up your bedroom so you can properly relax at night. This means clearing the room of electronic items and distracting paperwork. In addition, also have several lighting sources so that your room is coated in a soft and inviting glow as much as possible.

8. Make the most of your entrance

homify / Emma & Eve Interior Design Ltd: country Corridor, hallway & stairs by Emma & Eve Interior Design Ltd © homify / Emma & Eve Interior Design Ltd country Corridor, hallway & stairs by Emma & Eve Interior Design Ltd

The entrance or hallway is where opportunities - and energy - enter the home. And you can definitely help to encourage that flow of life into your house by making the entrance harmonious, attractive and clear of clutter.

9. Scent it up with incense

homify / ROSA PURA HOME STORE: modern Living room by ROSA PURA HOME STORE © homify / ROSA PURA HOME STORE modern Living room by ROSA PURA HOME STORE

Incense has a magical effect on the feel of the home. It instantly infuses a whole lot of energy and warmth into your living spaces. But if you don't immediately take to a scent, trust your instincts and try out some other combinations as quickly as possible.

10. The power of positive cleaning

homify / BOOK A TIGER: Windows by BOOK A TIGER © homify / BOOK A TIGER Windows by BOOK A TIGER

The most important thing you can do to make your home feel more energetic? A decent cleaning! But be sure to use natural products to increase your living spaces’ freshness factor. 

In the spirit of positive style, see these 15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms.

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