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9 kitchen designs with a touch of wooden charm

Homify logo Homify 10/1/2018 Lei Adrienne Segovia - Homify

Known as one of the potential focal points of any home, the kitchen is where the gastronomical magic happens that is soon to be indulged in your dinner plates. As an area where family members bond to cook delicious meals for the family, the magic doesn’t stop from there – decorate your kitchen with wooden features to create that magical, warm, cozy kitchen for your home.

Wood is the perfect main element to your kitchen. With its wide range of styles, qualities and finishes available, as well as the ability to create truly custom designs, it has become a top choice for homeowners in the market. Today, we’ve provided 9 beautiful kitchen designs that highlight wood and all its magic.

1. Sleek, modern approach

homify / Amarillo Interiorismo: rustic Kitchen by Amarillo Interiorismo © homify / Amarillo Interiorismo rustic Kitchen by Amarillo Interiorismo

This kitchen showcases a very clean and fresh ambience of modern interior design – of course, with the majority trademark of wood. Teak is featured in this kitchen’s cabinetry. Originated from Southeast Asia, Teak is a type of wood very similar to Narra which boasts its strong, durable quality and beauty. Plus, it blends perfectly with the neutral tiled walls and granite countertops.

2. A bold backsplash

homify / Laboratorio Controprogetto snc: eclectic Kitchen by Laboratorio Controprogetto snc © homify / Laboratorio Controprogetto snc eclectic Kitchen by Laboratorio Controprogetto snc

Wooden-centered kitchen designs don’t have to be all plain brown wood. In fact, wood complements with almost anything! Add a touch of contrast to your wooden kitchen with this black laminated backsplash that highlights all the kitchen necessities you need.

3. Pops of color

homify / AIDAHO Inc.: eclectic Kitchen by AIDAHO Inc. © homify / AIDAHO Inc. eclectic Kitchen by AIDAHO Inc.

The feature of white oak wall-mounted shelves, countertops, storage drawers, and even this flawless kitchen compartment makes this design just seamlessly pleasant to look at. Why not add a little flavor to this clean look? Pops of color such as a bright yellow accent wall and pastel colored side drawers provide a fresher feel to the kitchen.

4. Warm wooden countertops

homify / cristina mecatti interior design: classic Kitchen by cristina mecatti interior design © homify / cristina mecatti interior design classic Kitchen by cristina mecatti interior design

The kitchen is a very functional area and this rests largely on the kitchen worktops. Being the kitchen workhorse, this needs to be sturdy. Most kitchens would use materials such as granite and quartz, but the feature of wood just makes the area more homey and cozy. Pair them with white painted cabinetry and you got yourself a warm, inviting kitchen.

5. Mix and match styles and materials

homify / 02A Studio: classic Kitchen by 02A Studio © homify / 02A Studio classic Kitchen by 02A Studio

Two things to point out – the clean, all-white L-shaped counter and appliances and the rustic charm of the dining table and unfinished edges of the dark wood shelves seem to match with each other. Don’t be afraid to try out different style genres and using different materials when designing your kitchen! Just make sure the palette stays compact and the materials are incorporated wisely.

6. Back to black

homify / Moodern: scandinavian Dining room by Moodern © homify / Moodern scandinavian Dining room by Moodern

Let’s go back to the basics with this fresh, neutral kitchen design. Add dashes of black by painting cabinets and kitchen stools to create a contrast with the plain, white walls.

7. Seamless kitchen design

homify / Taller Estilo Arquitectura: modern Kitchen by Taller Estilo Arquitectura © homify / Taller Estilo Arquitectura modern Kitchen by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

This kitchen gets the best of both worlds – the feature of the sliding door makes a continuous flow of open spaces while also acts as a barricade for intimate cooking sessions. Plus, let’s not ignore how aesthetically pleasing the highlight of mahogany features are here. Beautiful and convenient!

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8. Fresh, industrial touches

homify / A2 HOMES SA DE CV: minimalistic Kitchen by A2 HOMES SA DE CV © homify / A2 HOMES SA DE CV minimalistic Kitchen by A2 HOMES SA DE CV

Say hello to this sleek kitchen design. Clearly, the maple cabinetry compliments well with the black granite countertop. Of course, there’s a nice touch of industrial feel to the design. From its stainless steel hood and appliances to its sink and food containers, this kitchen truly feels modern and up-to-date.

9. Visual balance with the kitchen flooring

homify / alexandro velázquez: modern Kitchen by alexandro velázquez © homify / alexandro velázquez modern Kitchen by alexandro velázquez

Obviously, the painted wood veneer cabinetry just screams beauty in this kitchen design, but what is also needed to consider is the overall appeal of the area – and that highly includes the flooring.  

Unknown among many homeowners, the flooring provides the kitchen with a visual balance. You can also use wood or laminate materials for your flooring or the more durable ceramics and tiles. The choice can project different aura. As shown above, the warm neutral tone of wood projects light and space while the strong colors emanating from tiles create intimacy. As the flooring carry loads, this should be very durable and comfortable to walk on.

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