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How To Keep Your Sneakers White

SPY logo SPY 22/5/2019 Tim Chan

You take the time to clean your clothes – it’s time to start cleaning your shoes too.

Nothing says “unpolished” more than a guy who’s rocking a cool T-shirt and perfectly cuffed jeans only to pair them with the dirtiest, nastiest sneakers. Leave the Grunge look in the 90s where it belongs. Keeping your shoes clean isn’t as hard as you think. Here are four easy ways to do it.

1. Throw Them in the Washing Machine

White canvas sneakers can easily be cleaned in the laundry machine. Pro tip: remove the laces first so they don’t get caught in the spinner. Also consider tossing your shoes in a pillowcase or mesh bag to keep them from rolling around too much.   

2. Give Your Shoes a Stain-Repellent Coating

At the end of the day, prevention is the best protection. Stay away from mud, red wine and other dangerous situations. Spray your shoes with a repellent. This one, from Cadillac, is an eco-friendly, silicone-free spray that creates an invisible barrier for your footwear against the elements. Hold the bottle about 10 inches from your shoes and spray away. Pro tip #2: give them a good coating, let ‘em dry, then spray them again. Sometimes it takes a couple coats to really seal in the surfaces.  

3. Get a Shoe Cleaning Kit

For heavy duty cleaning, this Jason Markk kit includes a foaming Premium Shoe Cleaner and a wooden handle brush for easy application. The product is safe to use on all colors and materials including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, nylon, cotton mesh and more.

4. Use Sneaker Wipes

a motorcycle parked on top of a grass covered field: Best Ways to Keep White Sneakers Clean © Image courtesy of Shutterstock Best Ways to Keep White Sneakers Clean

For leathers or suedes, use a sneaker cleaning wipe and address the dirt right when it happens. These pre-moistened sneaker wipes restore your shoes to their original condition. They’re safe on apparel, safe on hands and make no mess.   

5. Use Wet Sneaker Wipes

Brush off any surface dust, then give your shoes a good scrub. These Jason Markk wipes are specifically made for footwear, so you don’t have to worry about scuffing or damaging the material. The wipes are dual-textured, with a smooth side to wipe away dirt, and raised dots on the reverse to clean extra-tough spots. Individually packaged, we like to keep a stack in our car, some at the office, a handful in our travel bag and the rest at home.

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