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9 Reasons You Should Definitely Leave Your Toxic Relationship

Working Mother logoWorking Mother 6/1/2018 Natalie Bracco
A misconception is that in a toxic relationship means you fight all of the time, it can be much more passive than that. © Pexels A misconception is that in a toxic relationship means you fight all of the time, it can be much more passive than that.

Let's face it, relationships are hard work. They require a lot of time, emotional commitment, and compromise. Even the most successful long-term relationships endure their share of struggles over the years. But when do you finally put your foot down and say enough is enough? Here are nine reasons you should definitely leave your toxic relationship.

Physical Abuse. Under no circumstances should your partner put his hands on you. If your relationship has deteriorated to the point that one or both of you are being abused physically, it is well past time to walk away, and the need to get out is even more urgent if there are children in the picture. Violence is unhealthy in any situation and legal action should be taken.

Sexual Harassment. While most people might not think of sexual abuse taking place within a relationship, over half of all female sexual assault victims report being raped by an intimate partner. Any sexual act or contact to which you have not consented is considered sexual abuse, even if the perpetrator is your significant other. If you have been a victim, you may want to consult a sexual harassment lawyer.

Lying and Cheating. Honesty is the foundation of any solid relationship. Without it, everything just crumbles. There isn't much point in trying to salvage your relationship if you can't trust your partner, especially if there are documented cases of infidelity. Lies just lead to more lies until you are both caught in a web of deceit and betrayal - not exactly ideal for a long-lasting union. Save yourself the pain and walk away.

Addiction Issues. As anyone who has dated an addict knows, you can't have a real relationship with someone struggling with this mental health crisis until they choose to seek help. Usually, that doesn't happen until they hit rock bottom. Don't be co-dependent. Believing that you can magically "cure" your partner through the power of your love will only lead to more heartache.

Communication Breakdown. Open and honest communication is key to a healthy relationship. When that breaks down, so will everything else. If your partner is unable or unwilling to listen and participate in important discussions, perhaps it's time to rethink what you want. Likewise, if you aren't comfortable communicating openly with your significant other, you should consider why you feel that way.

Selfishness. Does your partner actively care about your wants and needs, or is he all about spending time with his buddies and memorizing all the sports stats he can find? It's important to have separate interests and spend some time apart, but if either of you start to feel like you seriously miss the freedom of being single, that could spell trouble.

Lack of Respect. Along with honesty and communication, mutual respect is a vital component if you want your relationship to thrive. Disrespect leads to discontent, and if it escalates to verbal abuse, you must get out before it goes any further. Anyone who is committed to you should have the utmost respect for your thoughts and feelings.

Recycled Arguments. "Here we go again," you think to yourself, as you and your partner engage in the same argument you've had a billion times. While debate is healthy, if you find yourselves arguing about the same things all the time, without a solution or compromise in sight, it may be a sign that your fractured relationship is unfixable.

No Future. Most importantly, if you can't envision a future with your current partner for whatever reason, why are you wasting your time? Sure, the sex might be good and you may share a few laughs, but if you're serious about finding a long-term relationship, do yourself a favor and start looking for the right person.

There are many signs of when to leave but, these 9 cover the most important ones. Not all of us are the same or in the same exact situations. These are by no means laws, but only guidelines of when you should leave your relationship. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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