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Issues You May Deal With at Work and How To Respond

Working Mother logoWorking Mother 15/7/2017 Emily Green
Do not let issues at work impact your work performance. © Pexels Do not let issues at work impact your work performance.

The life of the working mother is stressful enough without having any problems at work. These problems will arise no matter how hard you work in some circumstances. The way that we deal with adversity in the workplace can help mold your professional identity. These can range from personal issues with other employees to a manager that is treating you unfairly. Keeping your cool in all of these situations is imperative because regardless of the situation and how you are being mistreated, blowing up on your manager is likely to get your fired.

Sexual Harassment

The sad truth is that many industries foster sexual harassment through their HR policies and procedures. Protecting the harassing party is wrong but this does not mean it does not happen. Ask about the procedures before reporting this as you do not want to be demonized as you are the victim in this situation. If you are unsure if the procedures will protect your anonymity it is time to consult legal help. You do not want to lose your job simply for reporting harassment. Workplaces that foster harassment can be legally liable as there are harassment state laws and proper procedures to follow.

Passed Over Unfairly For a Promotion

Most people who have been up for multiple promotions has been passed up unfairly for a better job. The most important thing you can do is cool down over the course of a couple days or a week before talking to anybody about this. Schedule a meeting with the promoting manager to ask what you could have done better in order to receive the promotion. Most managers will skirt around the question if they feel like they have made an unfair choice. Bring up the reviews you have received if they are overwhelmingly positive. You won’t change the manager’s mind but you will be at the top of their list for the next round of promotions.

Tension With a Coworker

There are going to be people that you will have to work with that you simply do not like on a personal or professional level. This could be from a variety of reasons but the most prevalent is lack of accountability. Those coworkers that seem to throw everyone else under the bus for their own mistake are numerous. Do not befriend this type of person as the day might come when you are the one blamed for their mistake. Sabotage for the gain of a promotion or a raise has and still does happen. Go to HR if this person is harassing you or your manager if they are making your job more difficult because of a personal grudge.

Overtime Isn’t Being Paid Appropriately

This is a huge issue as plenty of people are willing to work extra hours weekly but do not know their rights when it comes to compensation. A lawyer specializing in overtime issues should be consulted if you cannot find a remedy with your company currently. There will be bosses that tell you otherwise when it comes to overtime pay but you need to research your rights given to you by the department of labor in your state.

As you can see there are plenty of issues that you might encounter in the workplace. Deal with these appropriately before they balloon out of control!

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